Short Movie Roundup 20 October 2019

Well it’s been a while my lovelies, all 2 of you who follow my blog regularly, I’m sorry about the lack of short movies over the last few weeks but I’ve been so busy with the Rugby World Cup, travelling and all sorts that something had to give and sadly it was this stream of listings.. But I’m back and hopefully this will be a regular “thing” again.


A guy surfing the web at night gets sucked into searching through google maps when he finds a location labeled as “DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION” so he does.. it seems to be the supposed haunted dolls graveyard which often creeps up on certain Listverse scariest places lists.. This video will easily put you off using google maps for life!! Although if you do want to experience the weird side of them, check out reddit for a few lists, but beware as a lot of the supposed dead bodies and murder scenes have been debunked, but they cannot deny that they ran over a dear you can clearly see that shit online.. Tut tut google.

A cleverly devised film using classic haunted tracks and lighting to really emphasise the jumps and fear, another brilliant film from the creator of Halls which I covered a few weeks ago. Xano Studios are definitely one to follow either on youtube or instagram, you can find the creators links here @xanoalexander @oscar_armando_montejo Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 20 October 2019