Short Movie Roundup 27 October 2019

Technically this is my Halloween list, but meh, every day is Halloween for me.. so carry on for the regular list of  creepy shorts.

Feeding Time

The movie from Matt Mercer plays a lot of homages to 70/80s horrors, the intro and outro are accompanied by Halloween era styled music, which is very pleasant. A young girl offers to cover for her friends babysitting job, and we all know how these babysitting jobs turn out. Left alone with a child in a strange house, it’s a classic horror trope but sliced and diced with a touch of new macabre. The creatures involved at quite armature in their crafting but effective in the application those glowing eyes are quite M83 but not the kind you want to see coming at you in the dark, Once the introductions are over, this moves goes from 0-60 pretty fast. It’s nothing extraordinarily brilliant but it’s one of the better babysitter movies.

No End House

Don’t forget the house goes on forever!! this chilling message is in the opening of this thrilling short movie. As the lead, David enters a badly decorated halloween house he finds each numbered room takes him into a different mystery, he’s hunted in the woods, mocked by a small girl and by room 8 the deco becomes a bit more realistic. It’s very much a film about a mans descent into hell through various levels or mental and physical torture.

It’s well crafted for the budget, there’s some neon lit scenes in the later stages which are sublime, but it’s crisp approach is slightly marred by the creepypasta lost in the end credits. but it’s another brilliant production from Ethan Linder, who adapted the story by Brian Russel.

There’s a quaint part at the end, where David laughs as he enters a door with the no. 10 on it, I can’t tell if that laugh is from the irony that he lives at that particular number or does he realise that he’s not left the house?

It Followed Me Here

After picking up hot girl in LA, a Brit slugs back a drink and they have a personal chat about what they are running away from, sadly his story is way more poetic and frightening than her’s. This creepy short starring Tony Gibbons & Nikki King starts out so well, after he describes the tragic death of his twin in a freak accident, the creature which is crafted is so on point. At times it’s a typical Oriental style ghost, dark and shadowy with flowing hair and glassy eyes but the big finale at the end is a bit of a let down which a crying shame as the acting production and creativity here is so fine. Hopefully Liam Banks will go from strength to strength and build on this as he’s got some awesome foundations in terms of set up but don’t let the CGI bring you down my friend.


A man goes camping in the woods, to do a little soul searching, but finding a random shoe on the trail that matches his own doesn’t alert him to what a lot of horror fans have seen before.

It’s an inventive short, that plays with time, doppelgangers and monsters but even with all of these elements it’s not a winner in my books, I found the movie was a little predictable and very dark, I couldn’t make my screen bright enough to see the monster the first time but well done on a comprehensive short dripping with personality and with lots of film and acting talent, hopefully Marcus Alqueres will come back stronger.

State Zero – DUST

A superb sci fi horror from Andree Wallin sees a group of soldiers enter a building to fix faulty equipment but will any of them make it out alive. It’s less of a creature feature and more of an evolution of a legendary monster as it becomes intelligent and refuses to be preyed upon anymore.

It’s hard to know exactly what the creatures are supposed to be, the only obvious information is that they were human, but while they act like the “vampire” monsters from I am Legend all we know is that they are deadly. It gets pretty fast paced and carries a message about humanity in general, it’s something I could easily see another half hour of. There is a promise that this will be continued but to date I’ve still not seen anything 😦

Mr Creak

Don’t move a muscle, don’t even speak

He watches closely, he’s Mr Creak

I love when a horror icon has a little ditty to go by, Freddy has his nursery rhyme, but this dark feature washed in blue night time hues it’s tiny in its run time but massive in his chilling camera angles and approach and jump scares. and another one from Superfreak Media, it’s good, but just not as full rounded as a lot of other short films that give a bit or narrative, it seems quite random and leaves questions, but that aside, step into a dark chilling movie that cranks up the creeps.

Russian Sleep Experiment Official Short Film

I have loved this creepy pasta for some time now, for me it’s one of the better stories which kicks into a fear that we can all relate to, this broad subject of sleep and/or lack of it is something that has plagued mankind forever.

If you haven’t heard the story then check it out, it’s pretty easy to find, there’s also a part 2, and several “real” footage clips which claim to be from the real experiment. Some people believe that it’s an urban legend, others are totally convinced that it’s a leaked story

After hearing the story so many times I have various imaginary scenes all set up in my head and from the opening scene it didn’t match my imagining at all but I was happy to give it a try, but I had great doubts that the film could really deliver the level of gore that it should require and to be fair it’s a bit of a theatre piece which begins to get gory but for me fails to really hit that gorsty low that could have been achieved and the film seemed to have skipped the darkest secrets found within the cell without sleep but it’s a bloody good attempt.

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