Short Movie Roundup 17 November 2019

Short Movie Roundup 17 November 2019

Don’t Fall Asleep Motherfucker

If you enjoyed Attack of the Werewolves, then I think you might enjoy some of the similar black humor in this short movie. A young man is having terrible nights with his new girlfriend who turns into a conduit for demons in her sleep. Afraid of falling asleep with her in the room the two spend a night alone in a remote cabin but after all the great advice from his best friend he just simply has to remember not to fall asleep (motherfucker) they devise a plan and the happy couple are off for their night away from the rents!!

It’s not outstanding but it’s so brilliant, the little moments where things are paranormally shifted are enhanced with a slight comedy sounds but the adventure remains really creepy, the dynamics between the odd couple are wonderful and when things kick off, The setting of the remote cabin on a rainy night are perfect for any haunted story, there really is so much to love about this comedy short from Vance Mclean Ball, with it’s hints of Evil Dead and Paranormal Activity.


The title of this brought back memories of the free web hosting site, and I rushed off part way through to see if mine was still up and running and dag nabit, it is.. fancy that. Sadly the movie brought back other memories from the same era as the cast spend their time running around an office block in Cyberdog and Dane clothing. It’s an interesting setup and plot with fairly intelligent use of effects but the acting and action is a little under par and the setting just doesn’t fit but with a bit of imagination it’s easy to see past these common limitations in lo fi shorts, and it’s actually a pretty good little movie.

But with a budget of £0 this little team from Norwich, known as BlackDragon Films, have done a wonderful job with filming, direction and creating a chilling pseudo sci fi theme, but there’s so much in the description which doesn’t translate to the main film, which is a let down, as for me the story could have been further bolstered with a bit more explanation, especially about the creature roaming the corridors, Got fingers crossed that this team are still together and achieving bigger and better things.

The Landing

An alcoholic parent always leads to an interesting childhood. Edward had such a childhood, growing up on a Midwestern farm with his pa, in 1960, the boy had a wild imagination dreaming about aliens and the army, a range of comic books helped influence this obsession but with his father out of the war effort, his part was to help the country through farming but the man’s habits and situation doesn’t make him the warmest person on the planet.

One fateful night something out of this world crashes from the sky onto the property and the boy hears a shot when his father goes to investigate then she spends a lot of time in the barn alone..

Directed by Josh Tanner and co-written by Jade Van Der Lei, this marvelous film displays all of the talent of a real blockbuster production, the camera works and sensitive effects are top notch, actors include David Roberts, and Australian actor known to many from his efforts in two of the matrix films. There’s a lot of thoughtfulness in the storytelling as the meanders through all the possibilities and from the perspective as it changed from child to man, it’s deep bittersweet and one of the best shorts I’ve seen in such a long time , hopefully, this will go further and make it into something full length or at least the team will grow and swing back with something better?

the film has a webpage here

The Quiet

Now and again a short movie either needs to grow into a feature or a series to really maximise its potential but this short from Lee Matthews is utter perfection.

A young deaf school girl managed to mislay her phone but while waiting for her mother to collect her, a strange man in a blue van pulls up when he approaches her she runs into the woods to make a quick getaway. From there on a cat and mouse chase begins as she struggles to escape the man.

It’s a very surreal situation as the girl is deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other, so this isn’t just the average teen running for their life from s slasher, this girl is really vulnerable, but Matthews manages to really capture the dark wonderment of the forest and the desperate situation with such crystal clarity it’s hauntingly beautiful to watch and listen to, the switches between sound and deafness twined with a beautiful soundtrack really make the film whole.

while I was mesmerised by the camerawork and the taunt story I was absolutely blown away by the ending, the police become involved and there’s this punch in the gut ending after a few words from a family friend, but then something very strange happens in the woods and I need this story to continue. Mr Matthews is someone to keep an eye out for.

You can stalk him on twitter here @Lee_A_Matthews


Best Friends Forever

At some point I feel that someone went back over this story and just checked every horror trope into the mix but somehow it kinds worked.. initially the film opens with posters of a missing girl and people searching through the night for Rachael, then cuts to a woman trying to escape a house with a torch, as she clambers from room to room she encounters more and more paranormal activity, from ghosts under sheds, to a haunted Polaroids she pretty much goes through all the scares possible but what for, why is she being targeted and what does this have to do with the missing Rachael.

The effects and gore are well delivered and then soundtrack really enhances the jump scares, the crazy lighting and limited views help for the Silent Hill feel but I just needed a bit more content for it to settle in my scary list. But it’s a great effort and at times more effective than some of that Hollywood tripe.

The Fence

I was a bit dubious about this film but alas it’s pretty awesome, A young boy has finally saved up for his first motorbike but moments after getting it home to his 80’s bristol home, it’s been stolen, so he heads out to try and work out which scumbag stole his bike. Set on a council estate and having the best soundtrack ever including The Selecter, Bad Manners, the Adicts and The BEAT it rings back to an era possibly just before nazi’s tried to adopt the skin head aesthetic, although there are a few jokes about it thrown in for good measure.

It’s a brazen effort, with touches of Shane Meadows but in some respects with better comedy! I really can’t wait to see more from the Film Graduates, and I can only pray that they don’t lose this spark of genius because lord knows we do need more awesome cinema like this I’m sure that @paulcook68 will agree.

Keep out

A team of two best friends like to head out to remote places to report back for their spooky youtube channel (or at least that’s how I’m reading this story) the duo have been friends since childhood and hook up for another adventure into the unknown as they cross yet another Keep Out zone to find out the truth for their viewers but this time they really should have brought a gun, some back up or maybe just have stayed at home.

Starting off as a series of their found footage antics the movie switches to a real haunted film as they head into a home reportedly occupied by a doctor who experimented on his own children until they all died. But after reading a terrible sign in the basement it’s too late to haul ass when they find out what really happened in the home.

It’s well produced and has some brilliant acting and effects it’s just not the most original of stories but I really loved the energy from the cast and would really like to see them pull this out to something more feature length and maybe more in the style of footage that has been found.

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