Vile blackmail (2018)

Director: ?
😕 Nigeria. 1h 28m

There isn’t much to this short Nollywood production, although for some unknown reason one distinct story seems to gets swallowed by another part way through, maybe everything went to hell during the production, or the director has a change of heart, it becomes confusing but results in more hectic drama and heartbreak but sadly doesn’t make a better movie.

The film comes together over the cruel and mindless layabout trying to make some money, constantly scrounging from his friends, the lazy douchebag spends his days laying on a sofa watching TV and promising to pay everyone back when he gets his next big role, because this actor is apparently going places, it’s the markets fault for being so darn dry. When this excuse starts to wear thin he hatches a new devious plan. Using facebook he entices a young woman into the home promising her an acting role but first she has to submit a fee and act out a special sex scene for him, not realising that she’s being prostituted the girl goes ahead, free sex for friend and he gets to watch.

As things progress, his need for power and money increases, after falling in love with his friends new fiance he roofies the girl and rapes her, taking photos to blackmail her into leaving his friend for him, but with the stakes so high the two play a dangerous game to hide the truth and eliminate the other.

This has a rough production and often the sound is incomprehensible, background noises take over for a lot of the film but the overeating makes it easy to understand what’s going on. It’s quite dull, there’s not much really going on, a lot of talking and most of the “action” happens off screen. The split between storylines happens really randomly, maybe something was cut out as it’s one of the shortest Nigerian movies I’ve ever seen!? If watching some guy being a total dick is your thing then you might want to check it out.

Rating 3/10 N

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