Short Movie Roundup 1 December 2019


A horror western? A young girl running through the desert attempts to steal some bread when she’s caught by the woman of the house, the two strike up taught friendship and the girl is eventually asked to stay but there’s something creepy down in the basement and her curiosity is unbound.

It’s layered as hell, well acted and is shot beautifully. There’s a lot of metaphors about the folk art dolls that the girl crafts and the whole idea of baking bread and motherhood. Sadly there are just as many questions at the end of the film as the beginning but they are very different questions but they aren’t annoying, but I’d love to see this expanded in some way, there’s so much more to dig into in this mini masterpiece from Julian Vlcan. 6/10

Zero Views

Nothing here really caught my imagination, it’s a standard haunted video story, a man is working late and his friend suggested that he checks out a YouTube video called Zero Views, I guess at this point the viewer should start to panic because they are watching a movie called Zero Views!! Not a lot happens until the man gets home and is stalked by a Hot Topic Mall Goth.

In all fairness it’s shot well, the action is a little slow but this might be due to a predictable storyline, the lighting and sound effects are top notch and there’s potential there but it just doesn’t do itself much justice in this particular film It feels as if things were played safe when really it’s admirable to go all out on these little project, don’t be afraid. 2/10

The Last Seance

A mini seance movie that doesn’t play out like the typical cinema experience, the deviations are a godsend as it’s getting a little tiring. So a pair of young girls grow up with one of them being sensitive to entities, while her sister chases in by exploiting parents of dead children or anyone willing to pay for contacting their dead relatives but when her sister claims that an entity which has stalked them since their childhood is getting stronger in the house they are working in, she ignored her and the seance commences.

Things obviously begin to get really spooky at this stage of the film, it uses a lot of jump scares in the setting of a huge olde style house, it’s not as decorative but gives the less cluttered feeling as the property in Ghostland.

The dynamics between the sisters is brilliant, but the spooky critter is only really terrifying in its application not the character in the emo makeup. but the creepy voice on the stairs and claw marks left behind are really creepy I’d pay to see more of Laura Kulik’s work, she has a fine eye for detail and is so intense with style, atmosphere and storytelling it’s something really marvelous. 7/10

The Grot in the Grotto

Comedy thriller, about a team of “elves” who have the task of taking people off the street and forming them into the perfect Father Christmas. It starts out really jovial with a creepy british styled Reviewbrah narrating the tragic tale as things become sinister.

It will really make you think twice about who you’re leaving your child with in the grotto in future, don’t worry though they are perfectly safe after their intensive and rather bizarre training… 7/10


Having a Drink

There’s no need to hide what type of monsters might be in this short as it’s the damned thumbnail but this werewolf story is in the same vein as such classics as Wolfcop and Dead God No. A male escort is heading home after banging a rich chick but sadly he’s out of booze so he pops into OGES TAVERN and after flirting with the barmaid and making a mortal enemy with one of the harder locals the place gets robbed by a pair of werewolves, which sparks of a sort of Dusk Till Dawn series of antics.

It’s trashy fun but at times it’s so eye rolling bad that it’s good. I really enjoyed it but I know it’s not going to be everyone’s flavour. It’s pretty interesting to see this level of comedy horror being produced as it doesn’t all have to be serious (ignore my article about why I hate comedy horror). Randy Smith has created a pretty brazen and unique film with some surprisingly good make up and it’s own brand of funny creeps that needs to expand to something more substantial, and I’d love to see these same faces again too! 6/10

Blood Moon

Werewolves again in Farnaz Samiinia’s deeply logical and psychological horror short which sees a doctor question a patient who’s a self proclaimed werewolf, he’s excuse for a series of 30 murders he committed.

During their Hannibal style talk the doctor starts to notice subtle changes but is it too late?

It’s interesting, but quite lengthy for what it is, Samiina uses a lot of the same montage again and again when I feel he should have concentrated on the intses dynamic between the two co stars of this feature. Considering that most of the film hangs on this one powerful conversation a lot more could have been packed in, but the actors do hold their ground and the creature effects aren’t terrible.

It’s always interesting to see the more haunting and cerebral side to any monster story and this movie is all over this aspect of horror, would Hitchcock approve? 5/10


Damn everything about this is terrible but it’s also so much’s porny and corny has so many problems, in sound, actin, the house used could have been cleaned, the props were discount joke shop BUT I like it, it’s has a trashy punk feel to it but if you respect yourself you might not want to get into this at all.. 3/10


Hani Dombe & Tom Kouris have created a wonderful stop motion film about a little girl, abandoned and on a beach she tries to fight an oncoming storm and is whisked into a fantasy world with her toys.

Everyone is able to read something different into this movie, is it about life and death, is it a metaphor for the child’s mental health? Either way you can’t help getting lost in it for a few moments, even if you just want to get lost in a story of true fantasy, the action and the music is so cleverly intertwined and bursting with emotion. Possibly something fans of Jean-Pierre Jeunet and/or Wes Anderson would appreciate. 6/10

White Walls + The Making of

Computer generated animated short from a brilliant young artist James Armsby who has written and created this short based on the ideas which HP Lovecraft has unleashed unto the world. It’s simple on first watch but deep down there’s something incredibly dark and expansive about this project, I found the making of which I’ll link below and it’s really worth a view as James is a genius and so talented.

I was a bit afraid that he was going to be one of those mindless I read one Lovecraft book now i’m an expert but this chap is sterling on the subject and recognises that HPL was a racist dickweed but one that produced great stories, and that’s a bonus in my books. 8/10

The Machine

A standard Omeleto drama, movie and poignant.. A young football star takes his career in the sport too serious, people start to notice some strange behaviour in the boy, as he constantly trains and doesn’t believe that anyone is taking things as serious as him, and to be fair he’s right, no one is obsessed like him, but on one fateful day he meets someone who is just naturally better than him, a true rival. I’m kinda giving it all away here, watch the movie, it’s only a few minutes long but how do you think he’ll progress? is he likely to shoot up the school or is this lesson going to change him for the better? I have a lotta faith in the kid, he was willing to help that boy being bullied so maybe he’s not a total dick? 7/10

She Loves Me She Loves Me Not + Making of

A man sits along in a bar, pulling some petal saying the old mantra, she loves me, she loves me not as he plays back his relationship remembering all the moments of when his relation was up and down… but in the end does she love him or…

It’s a silent piece, all played out with great (over)acting and superb music. the making of gives a lot of insight into this team and it’s just as funny, you can see how personalities transmit through the camera sometimes. 6/10


Miniscule short displaying something very ordinary and everyday in a unique microscopic and artist way… just sit back and watch. Tell me if you worked it out?? 6/10

The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

Aussie short here, from Matt Richards, starring two amazing actors whose names I can’t find at the moment. But the story, written by ??? tells of a near future, with a privatized prison system adopting a new more gruesome punishment to help keep the numbers down. Survivng family members of any murder or serious crime get to authorise the mulitation of the guilty. So Willie is subject to some artistic amputations then he’s taken to schools to help deter the little darklings from doing anything bad EVER again.

It’s a dark sadistic story which never gives up, at first it’s just body horror but the psychological side becomes forefront and Willie and his Supervisor both battle through these difficult procedures.

It has a strange warmth to it’s production, that I wouldn’t expect from a story like this, but is this something that you can see happening in the future?? The effects are used in a pristine way and along with some blazing acting and such a cultured story, it’s like the dramatization of a pub table conversation, so what shall we do with criminals, i know cuts their hands off, yeah let’s make a movie about it, I’m pretty sure this is how Human Centipede came about..well it’s certainly worth using those drunken conversations as inspiration for film making but look at the difference in the two stories! Both are pretty impressive in my books. 9/10


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