Short Movie Roundup 8 December 2019.

Night of the Hell Hamsters

For the life of me I am totally sure that I have reviewed this before, I know i’ve posted about it on YouTube a bit. It’s incredibly cheesy, with overused sound effects, tv spooky backing music, the only thing missing is canned laughter. On a dark and spooky night a woman waits for her lover to turn up with a Ouija board, he forgets, on purpose, so she improvised by using her whisky glass and a drop of blood from the silly boyfriend who just got bitten by a hamster. It’s an unlikely combination but alas it’s what you’d expect from this level of comedy horror.

Somewhere between the purple and blue back lighting and the scattered children’s toys they manage to raise a demon, the mighty Spozgar, who’s more bitchin than Zozo.

Things get gory, when the red eyes hamster/s becomes possessed and start sprouting lines from the Exorcist and giggling maniacally but the evil entity and beings biting dicks. There’s a touch of Evil Dead in the ridiculousness of this short which may be should be extended into something more substantial like my all time favourite British Comedy Horror, I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle.

Even in the credits there’s a bunch of laughs as the two man hamsters are named, The nice brown one and the little cream bugger. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 8 December 2019.