Hilarys Heart (2019)

Director: Reginald Ebere.
Starring. Fredrick Leonard, Nigeria. 4h +.

After a spate of gangland style Nollywood movies I settled into something a bit more tender, This mini series sees a father having to deal with a niaeve and rebellious daughter who has the ability to see ghosts but that’s not her biggest problem is a strange one but pulls on the heart strings as intended.

The series opens with Hilary being dropped off at her father’s house, her mother has decided that she wants to get married and is dropping off Hilary as it’s not her father’s turn to look after her, an unsuspecting bachelor (Leonard) who wasn’t aware that he has a daughter and the shock of the 14 year old instantly kills his current relationship with an unnamed flame (Uju Okoli). I have to give it to the Nigerians for introducing a movie in such a razzmatazz style.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, the new father brings his daughter into his life and cares for her but she’s a very different kind of gal. She seems to have lived a sheltered life, and growing up can be tough, we follow Hilary as she learns about periods and pregnancy and attempts to swim for the first time. Overall she’s a bit of a fish out of water but she has a good heart and learns quickly. This part of the movie is either going to win a few laughs or totally kill it for you, so if you’re only interested in the horror side of things skip to the third movie, where it all kicks off…

There’s a lot of family beef which usually comes in the guise of a troublesome cousin and a stern aunt but Hilary’s biggest problem is that she can see ghosts, yep she randomly sees dead people wandering around which is a really odd twist that is shoehorned in and for little reason or effect. There are few random pale faced Nigerians running around in the earlier acts but a prank gone wrong sees the most terrifying spirit of them all, not really on par with Sadako but it’s scary as this film is going to get.

It’s an incredibly long film for the small pay off, I’ve seen some shorter Nollywood movies that have twice as much happen in them, but it’s easy on the brain and somewhat enjoyable for the light hearted drama that it is.

Rating 4/10

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