Croc (Godzilla of the Swamp) (2007)

Director: Stewart Raffill.
Starring. Michael Madsen, Peter Tuinstra, Sherry Edwards. USA. 1h 40m.

In the terms of B/Indie/Lo-fi movies, this isn’t that bad.. the premises is of a huge man eating crocodile that terrorizes a Thai village, much like Jaws (1975), but with more snap than bite. In reality it’s just another Syfy movie that attempts to undo all the hard work from the decent creature features, but at least it’s a slightly more believable story unlike Sharknado (2013).

We are expected to believe in giant monstrous mutant animals despite some of the footage coming from the cutting floor of National Geographic and it just looks like an average Croc. This all comes at time when a croc amusement park in Thailand run by a foreigner becomes centre of attention when the bitten bodies turn up, he finds himself in a battle with a prominent family who want his site to develop on but while they have their land and property war, the leathery beast is chowing down on anyone who crosses his path.

It’s Hunting Season and You’re the Prey

Michael Madsen gets the top billing, but is on screen for only a few minutes, supposedly as the new Quint he’s a keen Croc hunter with years of experience but Croc’s don’t have ears so he’s not really that’s scary to them. There a bit of drama in between the killing lots of nameless people, nothing outstanding, a bit of wise cracking and some variety of high school romance, but the kills are ok, a bit over the top, in one prime example, there’ a guy hanging out by his pool, his golden Labrador is barking but no one ever pays attention to the barking dogs in cheap movies, so he’s violently attacked by the megacroc the once blue pool turns into a soupy comic red mess, the mans brother turns up and fishes some of his body parts out, and the literally look like those cool but no way near professional Halloween props, I think at this point the Lab decided to put himself up for adoption.

It has a driving pace, and a lot of effort has gone into it, it’s step above all the mindless mega something movies but at times, it just lets it’s hair down and is content to be a silly but fun action horror with questionable editing.

Rating 3/10

RRogue (2007), Jaws (1975)
L – Mega Animals, Croc Flicks,

Post Discussion

Best actor in the movie goes to the pooch.



2 thoughts on “Croc (Godzilla of the Swamp) (2007)”

  1. That does sound like it might be a fun movie. I don’t remember seeing too many about crocodiles, except for being a kid and seeing that Australian import! Happy birthday 🙂

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