Short Movie Roundup 2 February 2020


It’s a little weird watching this infected zombie movie as the characters are all weirded out that one of them could be carrying the virus because “it’s only in Europe right?” and at this moment the Coronavirus is doing the rounds and there’s so many people believing that it’s only happening in other parts of the world.. either way it’s a well rounded short and a young boy deals with personal guilt and those inner demons while traversing a barren landscape trying to stay alive.


Another story which is quite relevant to me at the moment as there’s a little person in the house at the moment. This claustrophobic nightmare revolves around a young mother caring for her child as she deals with the baby blues in a waking nightmare trying to cope with epic changes and her husband’s mood swings, her apparent state of mind is always in question but by the end of the film everything is in question. It’s a really clever movie which speaks volumes about some of the terrors mothers go through, baby brain really is a thing so maybe it’s better to lend a hand if you know anyone who might be in some sort of trouble with a newborn.


I have to admit that I have been avoiding this one for a while as it seemed like a no brainer but it’s quite a cute story, a couple down on their luck cross paths with an adorable little creature that they name Scamp, he’s a cross between Bad Milo and Citters, able to kill and eat most of a whole human or three and a dog, he runs on a rabid rampage almost at will but does he very best to help those who helped him.

Johnny Han has done a marvelous job here with unsophisticated but fun special effects and a cool story. I notice this has a sub title of Arrival and can only hope that we have more Scamp in the future, I promise I won’t wait so long.


A darkly morbid tale that really got me nervous. A wealthy man passes away but the only way his loved ones will receive anything is to live with his stuffed body. A slightly unusual request, which the family reveal for all the obvious reasons. As time passes they all spend time with the stuff corpse of their ex patriarch and each have a heartfelt moment with a man who wasn’t in their lives when he was alive but insists on being there as a weird “rapey” looking wax figure.. very bizarre but a really interesting insight into grief.


A wonderful story from Tony Morales, a really creepy story of a young boy who doesn’t want to go to sleep in the dark for fear that a terrible monster will get him. Something we’ve all experienced at least once in our childhood…

As this short progresses it has a lot of creepy jump scares, more along the lines of modern classics such as Aterrados (2017). This film will never let you feel right about leaving a tooth under the pillow again.

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.

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