Short Movie Roundup 9 February 2020

Picture Day

It’s picture day and a young grunge kid has to appease her domineering and drunk mother who wants a certain type of cute and popular daughter. She’s all sorts of broken up over the one she actually has that doesn’t fit into her perfect pink world. While not living up to your parents dreams is a big part of growing up, their reactions to a young person’s uniqueness is a strong indication of a person’s true character.

A simple movie but it really does speak volumes in one dramatic act of rebellion. It’s shot like a music video with touches of retro nostalgia and edgy teen drama, a perfect combination as two women clash.


A slightly unusual take on eating disorders. A young girl is suffering but trying her best to keep her head in the right place, but after watching a fashion show she seeks help from a professional which comes at the right time as her Anorexia turns into Bulimia. The fly on the wall diary has a different twist as the affliction is personified. A really interesting insight into something that not many of us have to challenge every day. This actually made me think about it in a much different light.

Don’t Stare

Finally a touch of horror. A young man is terrorised by Black Eyed Children, after returning to his empty home the little darling comes knocking but if you know anything about them, they don’t give up too easily. It’s a well developed

horror from Evans Sparks but it has a bit of a predictable ending but in all honesty how else could the film have been finished?? Check out Mysterious Universe for more Black Eyed Children stories!!


Advertised as an Abstract Short Film, I couldn’t miss this gem..

What starts out as a simple mix of beautiful shots soon becomes a cycle and a story of innocents corrupted. From Writer, Director and Editor Ben Escobar we see this play out with the analogy of colours and tiny fish. Even without the narrative the actions of “God” are enough to capture the imagination, but with the context of how we are led to believe how Good and Evil work it’s really terrifying and yet still quite wonderful to watch.


A troubled couple spend a night apart, the wife leaving for some time, but her husband, who looks wrought with guilt refuses to talk before she leaves. Later that evening rhythmic banging gets his attention and he meets one of the Crypts newest creatures, who’s basically the grim reaper. After their dark altercation he suddenly wants to talk..

More emotive than scary but Patrick Hogue really knows how to fim a really gripping horror scene, but there’s only one which really challenges it’s audience. Still it’s creepy and wonderful until the bitter end it raises so many questions.


This cult short movie has over 3 million views, that’s more than some movies get lol if you haven’t seen this then I dunno where you’ve been What’s my excuse? It’s been on my list and I have watched a LOT of movies in the meantime.. *ahem*

It’s a pretty cultured movie, it flashes between past and present in a touching way through one woman’s trauma. Initially it starts with a mother who’s travelling with her two young children, hiding out in a motel, there’s a sign not to drink the water, through a brotherly fight the youngest boy manages to get a mouthful and then strange things start to happen.

A sort of darker alternative wishing well, this macabre horror, has all of the right mechanics but plays out in weird ways? Eventually it does get to where it’s going and it’s a crazy monkey paw type of wishing story but luckily no one dies but their fate is possibly worse than death…

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.

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