Short Movie Roundup 16 February 2020


This intense and expressive horror from Justin Harding is quite gripping, there’s an effective use of expressive dance, GCI to build the sound and movements to tell this query fairytale. A dancer/choreographer spends some time out in the wilderness with her toddler, when they accidentally discover a fairy corpse and through a tiny accident it’s resurrected.

What starts out as a terrifying night time run for freedom turns into a macabre tale of motherhood and the mystical realm.

The Diary

David Covarrubias, zombie tale does have the feeling of a 90’s horror/sci fi tv show. It’s an accomplished piece which certainly tells a story but it’s not necessarily the best put together plot, but that’s not the be all of a movie, no matter the budget or style. I really adore the approach of two stories coming to ahead. We follow a young man and his elderly friend work on a new house, but after discovering a diary the young man becomes engrossed in the hand written novel, a macabre tale of a young couple who are attacked in the forest by some ghouls. The approach reminds me of Dracula, the whole idea of a diary telling a deeper unrelated story which soon becomes a knock at the door. Great storytelling and the slightly dated by creative approach the filming make this quite good.


Curtis Matzke has a brilliant and daring way to tell a story. A doctor and woman stand in a hospital doorway, but the diagnosis sounds all wrong, the woman enters the room to talk with the dying patient and slowly through a heart to heart conversation the story of his death, after death starts to take shape.

A really brilliant bizarre take on an the older horror monster which really opened my eyes to so many more possibilities, I don’t’ really want to give away the

Nursery Rhymes

Why is there a young metal head singing a nursery rhyme while standing on the side of the road near a field? Tom Noakes film goes from surreal to unbelievable grief and horror in seconds as the reason is revealed. A wonderfully dark and tragic story told in one take it’s a powerful shift in reality and in only one camera turn.

1500 Words

Michael Smiley narrates a wonderful darkly comic short from Andrew Chaplin, a man realises that he has only 1500 words to live, he goes through some mixed emotions after his shock he is then faced with the reality that he only has 50 words left and heads home to see his family.

It’s an odd situation but he has to adapt fast. It’s pretty frank and funny, a total charmer really even though it deals with the hardest aspect of any relationship.. ultimately the end but no because the relationship but through death.. kinda. In its essence it’s just as much about how couples communicate and how important it is to make things work.


This is my kind of animation cleverly put together by Daniel Gray & Tom Brown, who tell a disturbing story about a young man recalling his dental history and how much he fetish for gums changed his life and mental health.

The animation itself isn’t the most sort after art for but it really suits this deranged story that really focuses on an usual taxidermy by the end of it’s path into darkness and strange addictions. this is one for the textbooks on strange animation and take me back to those Animation of 4 days.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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