Short Movie Roundup 23 February 2020

Alright friends.. it’s been an incredibly shit day, a dear friend has been hospitalized after being attacked after a night out so I’m not really in the game so this might be a short list.. stay close and look after you friends people…


Stop me when you’ve heard this one. A young girl alone at home, starts getting freaked out by a malicious unknown stalker.. queue spooky noises and end with a shocking cliffhanger!

It really isn’t groundbreaking but it’s a vital experiment and practice in film making, getting the shots and atmosphere right, and I’m not knocking the movie for not bringing anything new to the genre but don’t be afraid to bring something new.. it still works really well throughout and hopefully the makers will hit back with something bigger and better!


Beautiful camerawork throughout this documentary felt like a Maori man travelling along throughout New Zealand, daring to go somewhere new and meet different people. What looks to be a confrontation waiting to happen turns out to be a wonderful day making new friends.

It feels like a coming of age kind of movie as an old gang member breaks free from this gang to just try something new and seems to come back with a different view on the world, it’s true though, travelling and meeting new people really does widen your horizons.

Sterling heart felt movie from Bruno Isaac (I believe) in honour of what seems to be a dearly beloved friend who’s no longer with us.

probably the best short I’ve seen this year, originally from 2016.

Cut Short

I guess this one wasn’t really supposed to be as funny as it was but OMG I did laugh… a lot.. A couple are having a bit of an argument and agree to seperate for a short while while packing the car there’s a tiny accident.. you’ll know when you see it.

A wonderful short that really highlights one man’s worst day and the need for effective communication between adults.

Dead Planet

A wonderful fan made movie with very little budget but big ideas, the basic concept is that the human race left Earth and is living among other planets and space stations, but when returning to make the Earth livable again one of the stations loses communications and a rescue/investigation team is sent in.

It’s very dimly lit but you get a good idea of what’s going on, it’s also filled with different languages but that’s not a problem as there are awesome subtitles. There’s a touch of borrowed music from Aliens, and the use of 80’s mechanics or at least a walkman or two but for me it just wasn’t as thrilling as it could have been but it’s got some amazing standards but i just didn’t find it all that interesting to watch, but maybe it’s just me, check it out and let me know what you think.

Sorry folks that’s it for tonight!

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.


To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.

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