Movie Roundup 01 March 2020

Safe Haven

Martin Stalker has really outdone himself with his post apocalyptic horror centred around a young loving boy who’s left alone when his mother is called into work, it seems that there has been some sort of ash cloud which has started to make people sick, but when the full results of the disease rears its ugly head it’s almost too late for the young boy when his babysitter turns nasty.

Shot with a limited palette and piqued with a sentimental soundtrack it’s a heartbreaking horror with much emotion and clever camerawork, resulting in a sort of home made 28 days later atmosphere, that end of the world and we’re ready to fight but we’re extremely sad too vibe.

The Door

I’ve been meaning to watch this for so long, and glad I’ve finally got there.. With such a curious title you know this is one of those horrors that can quite easily go anywhere. Cal O’connell enjoys playing with the unknown in this interdimensional thriller. A young woman falls asleep during an earthquake and awakes in a world where the sun has vanished and strange bug eyed monsters are lurking outside her property, in the mystic blue and purple hues of this weird dimension she does her best to fight them off until the door appears.

It’s an interesting film, reimagined from a short shorty written by the director, originally entitled the crossing which I think is a bit more fitting for the project. The acting is a bit ropey but the drama and narrative is spot on, there’s a touch of the Lovecraftian about it, crazed portals and unfathomable monsters are usually up this street. It could have done with a bit more energy but I really do love the vaporwave colours and their use throughout the movie is glamorous.

Third Date

For so much of this short movie I didn’t really like the direction it was taking, it just so obvious, a “i’ve been hurt before” woman falls for a cute guy who takes her out on a date but it just seems so clear that he has alternative motives, i began wondering if maybe she was the one who was going to throw in a crazy plot twist but it turns out that there’s something else involved in this bloody relationship and that supernatural twist is groundbreaking.

Avishai Weinberger really opens up the story in the final sequence when they remind the audience it’s all about love, desire and nourishment. I’m intrigued as to what the creature is all about and what happens next!!?

Dead Hearts

This cute short is somewhere in between the black humor of Rhola Dahl and some kind of Wes Anderson production. When I first saw this I thought it was narrated by the late and great Alan Rickman but it turned out to be Don McCorkindale.

Dead hearts is about a man called Milton Mulberry and his true love Lola Littleton and a bully named Harold Henderson, do you see a pattern emerging?? It’s got a cute whimsical charm about it which follows the characters through their childhood and into their old age. It’s quite brilliant and luckily Stephen W. Martin has made a few follow up films, hopefully he’ll get his hands on a feature at some point…

The Gaze

I am so sure that I have covered this film before, but alas I couldn’t find it using the wordpress search.. Where do my posts vanish?

So with hints of Carrie this film follows a student as she comes to grips with her unique psychic abilities that are triggered when she finds herself in threatening situations. Especially when creepy lecturers get a little itchy after hours.

The short movie uses one of my favourite lines against pervy noobs, who like to compliment looks, so this is one of those if you want to know more about me film plus there’s the added bonus of some severed dick which makes my heart jump for joy. But is the movie really as feminist as it sounds? Check it out and make your mind up about it.


A man single handedly keeps a underground secret facility while babysitting Eddie, a sort of Bud character, covered in wounds and blood the zombie like man wanders freely around the facility often frightening the man but as he’s totally harmless they listen to music together and he tries little experiments with him, making funny notes about him, apparently he’s not a dancer and has bad taste in music ha ha.
Daily he searches for new incoming messages but he finds nothing in his lonely and desperate situation he begins searching for answers rather than just playing caretaker…Directed by John Cool Lynch this is a bittersweet movie with perfect acting and blinding cinematography.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

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