Wild Away (2020)

Director: Iyke Odife
Starring: Ruth Kadiri, Tootsweet Annan, Melvin Odua .Nigeria. 1h 40m

Marriage can be a difficult game to play, even when you are a player.. That seems to be the surreal message of this painful romantic drama.

A married woman (Kadiri) is torn between her average husband and a charming Prince who is willing to turn down another royal and his life in a royal household just to be with her but she just can’t make up her mind.

Her loyalty to her husband is strong, he doesn’t make as much money as she would like and drinks too much but he’s her husband and she’ll fight for her marriage (somehow, despite cheating on him), but she enjoys her time with the Prince of the region, knowing that she’ll not be accepted into the royal household, their relationship is secret and nothing more than him lavishing riches on her and the odd cuddle.

It’s a odd story, at face value you can see it as a traditional crap husband vs rich and wonderful boyfriend but her husband isn’t the worse guy out there and he genuinely does care, but her affair is such a non starter I really don’t understand how the plot gets to the point of one of the characters end up dying. Yep this movie takes it to the limits.

Everything hangs on the wife’s will, which is slightly influenced by her girlfriends, who know exactly what’s going on but in contrast to traditional stories, these girls can keep a secret! But the one character who really pushes the plot forwards is the best friend of the husband, he works as a security guard and gives the husband clear ideas and suggestions to find out what’s going on but the man is useless and manages to mess up at every point, I wouldn’t trust him to make a cup of coffee , but his heart is in a great place.

It feels as if this plot was re written, for a while the movie begins to move in a general direction then it becomes highly nonsensical, the shift seems to come near the end, so maybe that was just changed?

I found the sound on this had a strange high pitched noise and hissing, but it remains constant instead of the noise jumping around as it can do in Nollywood productions. The only other glitch occurs half way through the movie when any sudden movement occurs and the screen becomes glitchy, I’ve never seen this in a movie before, but it’s minor compared to some of the strange production methods used in Nollywood.

Despite the story being a bit wishy washy, the film is actually crafted with some poise and sophistication. the continuity is really on point and the sets are awesome. If only the narrative held up all the way through.. still it was entertaining for the time it lasted but not the most boombastic Nollywood film out there that deals with heartache.

Rating: 3/10

R: Sorrows Of Elizabeth (2016)
L: My Top 10 Nollywood Movies, Nollywood 2019,
5s:Ruth Kadiri

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