Shasta Triangle (2019)

Director: Barry W Levy.
Starring.Ayanna Berkshire, Dani Lennon, Deborah Lee Smith, Madeline Merritt, Leah Ann Cevoli, Helenna Santos. USA. 1h 14m.

In a world filled with strange new realms of astrophysics, mechanics and conspiracy theories, Barry W Levy has strung together a bunch of entry level ideas together, probably after binge watching a year of Gaia TV and he seems to have constructed an acceptable spare time filler of a movie.

A woman returns to her childhood home to investigate the disappearance of her father by using his encrypted notebook but there’s an urgency to her mission as the area is subject to a deafening bombing sound and strange, almost paranormal activity in a certain spot found via lay lines and dowsing, although it’s just called “using the rods” in the movie.

The all female cast are old friends who spend a lot of the first act talking about their Instagram celebrity status, old times and random gossip which I think it supposed to be interesting, it’s a shame because they are supposed to be experts in their craft and this time could have been used to really hit home some brilliant ideas rather than mindless chit chat.

After getting to the location, deep in the woods everything begins to unwind and breakdown and with each bombing ear bleeding moment, something new happens, kinda like the 5 minute rule in AVP (2004).. but I dig.. They have limited time to achieve their goal but the stakes get raised each round.

Most of the film plays out using an esoteric code, a mish mash of random symbols and ideas, we get it, but sometimes it’s nice to let the audience have the eureka moment. Somewhere along the line I think a bit of my brain died and the film felt stagnant, this sometimes happens to me with movies that have a lot of repetition but it does pull things together for a surprising ending.

There’s an attempt to give the whole girl power party a bit of a bump, Barry W Levy changes the entire persona of the women depending on what they are facing, one moment they are all powerful amazons and next a blubbering mess, not sure if this is positive, but it’s certainly messy.

Between the screaming and unrealistic characters, who are always on the verge of the right answer, the terrible melodrama and abysmal dialogue and even worse performances, I can vaguely make out an interesting time splitting inter dimensional story, but for me Jason Steele explained string theory with a 2 minute song better than this film attempted to explain the mechanics behind it’s core luckily by the time I got to the big yawn the credits were rolling..

Rating 2/10

RPrimer (2004), The Tall Grass (2019),
L – Indie Sci Fi of the Decade,

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