Short Movie Roundup 15 March 2020

Short Movie Roundup 15 March 2020


A snappy film Private Investigator stumbles his way through this lavish film noir styled whodunit. With lots of sparkly dresses, sharp suits and smart talking, Alan Mykitta’s howling ragtime short is an interesting mix of horror and a clever detective story. The film is pretty smooth, well shot with interesting shifts between the main plot, a cabaret styled show and the addition of a scary monster but it’s not all that scary, which isn’t a problem but you’d think that a film with a scary monster should be..

The Sound of Blue, Green and Red

There’s something surreal and mysterious in Joshua Erkman’s short movie where perception and sensations are all very different, a woman running through the night, eventually finds herself crunching ice in her motel room, but as she begins to experience the three colours in the title of the movie, her husband turns up thinking he’s found his missing wife, but discovering something more sinister is at large in the motel. There’s something gnositc about this revelation and this profound short deserves attention.

Ghost Tour

A slightly more light hearted horror as a man takes his last visitors around an old mansion, now museum for the very last ghost tour but when you work out who the ghosts really are, and what the next chapter is for the now retired curators, there’s supposed to be a shock But while I found it well shot and very clever it just didn’t pay off in the end as it could have.


This is one of those darkly upsetting horrors that I like the most. Something that crawls under the skin and isn’t very easy to process. A mother attempts to protect her son during a zombie outbreak but things so terribly wrong. the next paragraph will be spoiler heaven to check out the film before reading on.

I found this set up to be perfect for the genre, the mother did everything right to help her son and say goodbye but what a terrible mishap.. Asking her son to hide she hoped to keep him safe after she turned, but he damn kid hid in the worst place. the magic worked as the mother was perceiving the best life ever hugging her beloved child, while in reality she was about to devour him…

This is definitely one of the best shorts I’ve seen in awhile i can see why Crypt snapped it up and Adam Bolt is a director to keep an eye out for.

Watch Your Step

A young man is tasked to take photos of a house that has been empty for 20 years, while snapping away he soon discovers why no one wants to say in the home where the previous owners daughter died after falling down the stairs, Joe Eastley has done a wonderful job in crafting a full short movie with ample shocks and scares but it feels more like a treatment than a final piece as it’s so obvious how it’s going to end from the title alone.

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.


To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.

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