December 2018 Film List

A list of what I recorded watching in December 2018, bold/starred films are new.. reviews are linked, what have you been watching?

UFC fight night




Resident evil

Lake Mungo

Ill boss

Baba Yaga


First blood

Enter the dragon

Occult angel

Young and dangerous 2

Dead or alive

City of Violence

Total Recall


*Detective Bellini


Crash and Burn


Blue Eyed Bandit

Mother India


*The Predator

Ginger Snaps

Awaken the Devil


The Lost Boys

A Prophet

*Postcards from London

The Odd Couple

Sweet November

Moon 44

*The Nun

*Mortal Vengeance N

The Cave

The Gift

*England is Mine

Tales from the Crypt

Running Man

Cell 211

The Vault of Horror

*Heart of Fire N

Night of the Living Dead


Sherlock Holmes 2

There will be blood

*the Hunt for the Skinwalker


Vault of horror

The bothersome man


The Descent

Where eagles dare

Ninja scroll

Silence of the Lambs

Forest Gump

Pulp Fiction

Fight Club



Total – 60

New – 10

Best New – England is Mine

Worst New – Heart of Fire

One thought on “December 2018 Film List”

  1. SO many great films here! I want to re-watch “There Will Be Blood”,w high I loved, and among your many films, these are some of my favorites as well: Silence Of The Lambs and Enter the Dragon!

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