Reasons Why I Love Bigfoot Wars

Despite this terrible B Movie being the definition of terrible it harbors a few highlights and I felt it was about time I highlighted those, if you want to read my original review I’ll leave a link right here.

06.Boggy Creek

I didn’t even catch the town’s name the first time I saw this movie but on the re watch I finally heard someone mention the name Boggy Creek and i really tickled me. I do love that it kept the connection with all of the older Bigfoot movies.

05.Judd Nelson

For the whole of the movie this man turns up a handful of times and each time it felt like someone has just woken him up, actually i think in one scene he was woken up by a nurse (oh er) but his whole attitude just seemed a bit sleepy and out of it, which is exactly as you want the towns doctor to come across, but it’s lovely puppy energy that the film didn’t need but acts like a bonus to an otherwise dry production.

04.Head of Bigfoot

In the final showdown there’s an epic beatdown between humans and the bigfoot clan, Zeke played by C Thomas Howell, beheads one and then strolls around with it like a trophy and warning to the other bigfoot, it’s such a badass moment that I didn’t see coming, Bravo!

03.Reporter Rambo Scene

A plucky reporter decides that she’s going to uncover bigfoot, and within minutes of walking into the woods, smearing some mud on her face like rambo, the beast just strolls up to them, how fucking lucky is that?? People have been searching for Bigfoot for over 60 years and come up with nothing!! but doesn’t she look adorable?

02.Crazy Conspiracy Couple

When the news breaks about bear or animal attack the local news agency goes to the streets to find out what the public think, and it seems everyone is convinced that Bigfoot, Aliens, Illuminati are thriving in the woods. and this couple are just adorable… is adorable the right word?

01.Bigfoot Calls

When the badasses go into the woods to hunt bigfoot the end up splitting up, Zeke climbs a tree and makes some kind of Bigfoot call, one lone Biggy strolls out from his hiding place and he gets shot between the eyes, but this has raised a few questions, how did Zeke learn their call and why the hell wasn’t his helpful tool shared to be used among the rest of the people out there helping him??

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