Ninjas Vs Zombies (2008)

AKA Zombie Contagion

Director: Justin Timpane.
Starring. Cory Eskridge, Okouchi, Daniel Ross, Dan Guy, Carla Okouchi, PJ Megaw. USA. 1h 26m.

Independent cinema is a minefield to navigate sometimes, there are bad films and bad bad films and good bad films, but those gems which really capture fan attention are those which no matter how bad they appear, there is a clear attempt do make something to the best of one’s abilities here and to have fun while doing it and that just might be the charm which makes this a unusual cut above the rest.

This is definitely a homemade, call in the help of some buddies and maybe a local band to get this project off the ground; but in all fairness without the years of classical training and millions of bucks it’s quite an accomplishment, although on par with the video segment from VHS 2.5. It’s strange how we take some projects to heart and ignore others, luckily though it’s small cult following there have been a few follow ups.

After the death of his brother a powerful warlock, I’m calling him a warlock but I really couldn’t pinpoint what this GM type character is but he speaks commands and has no connection with witchcraft to therefore Warlock…. he attempts to bring his brother back from the dead, but his brother returns as an equally powerful bad guy who turns people into zombies while stealing their energy to do more evil things, this isn’t made clear, nothing is really made all that clear…

Once the wicked undead brother is busy roaming around making zombies, his brother enters a new realm to get advice on how to stop him, hiding out in the bathroom with some emergency candles a little girl allows him to give some of his friends ninja skills to help out, then the movie edges up a notch in both action and antics. There’s a practically fun scene in a local park, one buddy delivers pizza and some Romeo has hiked his gf to the centre of a park so that the pizza is late by a few seconds and therefore free, he then assumes his oafish size will ensure that the delivery boy will back off but this swinging dick has new ninja skills and it makes for a hilarious fight scene, but in the realms of b movies, it’s actually really fun.

With the help of filming most of the movie at night there’s a chance to hide a few cinema faux pas but if you’re into the movies style by the park fighting scene and you get what’s on offer then the rest is a blast. With some smart arsed one liners and more ass kicking the movie progressed from drama to kung fu drama, but the warlock’s character is the most interesting, he obviously knows a shit ton of magic but it comes across as a strange gonzo LARP adventure as he runs about shouting one word commands like *Everywhere* or *Revive* a formattable GM no doubt but he can transport people short distances and bring the ninjas back from death…

There are no real surprises by the slightly absurdist end but a slow creep to a sequel but with a different monster to fight in the next chapter, as this team has the energy and time to carry this fun game on for a few episodes and more power for their efforts.

Rating 3/10

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