The Man Who Killed Hitler and Bigfoot (2019)

Director: Robert D. Krzykowski .
Starring.Sam Elliott, Aidan Turner, Bigfoot, Larry Miller, Caitlin Fitzgerald. USA. 1h m.

So we have a film with the title but seems to pluck headlines from clickbait news titles and you’d be forgiven for believing that this was going to be some fanciful psychotropic romp, but instead in Robert D krzykowski slightly downtrodden epic we find a very down to earth and grounded adventure/drama, but without pop characters, huge explosions and superhero’s there’s a lot of cinema gold here and it seems to work purely because of Sam Elliott’s total coolness.

You’ll also be forgiven for believing that this film is set in an alternate reality, but the movie is set in our reality, but back in 1987, where we find the now aged Calvin Barr played by he panty dropping silver fox and his infamous mustache, which should get as much credit as whatever David Bowie was hiding in his pants in Labyrinth (1986).

Calvin seems to want to live the quiet honest life, unfortunately this includes drinking to forget the past, but what could be so bad but you would risk your health to forget? Well the title is a slight giveaway, but how could the real American Hero, Calvin Barr have managed to kill Hitler when we know that he committed suicide? It’s not some crazy conspiracy theory per say but do you really think that killing the figurehead would really stop the fascist machine already filled with lies and propaganda?

As Calvin and his dog shuffle through life, the film becomes more littered with flashbacks of the 1930s Calvin, now acted by Aidan Turner going through all the motions of falling in love with the beautiful school teacher, Maxine (Fitzgerald) only to have it all cut short to leave for Europe for his extremely dangerous and life changing mission, the much younger and slightly more awkward man becomes blooded in the secret services for his outstanding efforts but personally Calvin just feels more and more as a massive failure.

By now I think a lot of people had lost interest with the movie, despite the crazy title I think a lot of people are expecting high-octane action, huge explosions, uncanny characters and overall a wild ride, but all that were faced with is a broken down man who just seems to want to drink himself into oblivion and bow out. Although this is Sam Elliot we’re talking about and with the ultimate power of the mustache, he still has a bit of Roadhouse in him. This comes out when he stumbles to his car late one night, and finds a group o guys trying to steal his car, he looks in “excuse me I’m gonna need my car” “fuck you old man” so he Tekken’s the fuck outta them and heads home for a nap.

It’s these little moments of violence which remind the viewer that this isn’t just a reflecting tender drama, but it totally refused to fall into the category of Over The Top Silly Superhero flick, and I feel it’s been slightly mis-sold by its own title, Now I’ll get some flack for this but The Joker broke out of it’s typical universe to give a wholesome drama about a character without rocking the fillings out of its audiences heads, for me this is something very similar, but possibly to be considered a more realistic psychotropic movie? it’s absolutely crazy but brilliantly crafted, while it’s sitting so neatly in a possible reality, it raises questions as it brings everything down to earth.

Krzykowski uses the chilled moments between flashbacks to play with his audience, we see Calvin is constantly fiddling with his immaculate handmade shoes there appears to be a stone in there which he can never find, and there’s many questions about a small wooden box which he keeps by his bed but with a man with illustrious tasks such as killing world leaders we can only guess at what other secrets he has hidden in his secret box!

After torturing himself with those 3 a.m. memories of all of life’s fuck ups, Calvin is eventually contacted by the new generation of agents who know the truth about his historical missions and are eager to offer him one more epic adventure to help save the United States as well as the rest of the world from the new virus being spread by the last Bigfoot, again the title gives a hint on what happens, but watching it all go down is a blast and might be one of the most enjoyable and grossest bigfoot battles I’ve ever seen and the creature has a very unique design and personality.

In all I sympathise with all the people who have felt cheated by the BIG title and feeling disappointed that the film gave them something more somber to think about, for me it’s wholesome fun and a slant on something extraordinary happening in an ordinary world, Elliot has easily proven that he’s just as brilliant playing such a giant character who almost embodies the saying “Old tigers, sensing the end, they’re at their most fierce.”

Rating 7/10

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5s – Sam Elliott

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One thought on “The Man Who Killed Hitler and Bigfoot (2019)”

  1. Great review…I wanted to watch this but wasn’t sure about wasting time on something a bit “too” full of its hipness – glad to hear that’s not the case

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