8213: Gacy House (2010)

Director: Anthony Fankhauser
Starring: Jim Lewis, Matthew Temple, Michael Gaglio, Brett A. Newton, Diana Terranova, Sylvia Panacione, Rachel Riley .USA. 1h 32m

You have to love a bad setup for a found footage movie?! Not only has John Wayne Gacy’s house been demolished and rebuilt but as he was executed in a prison, shouldn’t his ghost be residing there and it would be the victims ghosts still in the house or the land where they were killed?

Without much fanfare the movie begins with the team arriving at the house to set their equipment up, a mass of cameras are placed in every room, and once they are pointing to where no action will be caught clearly the investigation really starts. It has a slightly different setup up to a lot of the other paranormal researcher inspired movies, most teams usually have quite a lot of enthusiasm but this one is is filled with scathing skeptics and some crazed hippy wiccan woman who believes some rhyming spells will be able to protect them from some kind of evil entity or poltergeist. In all my years of armchair occultist I’ve never known of anyone asking the goddess to help in some kind of seance before I’m sure there’s some eyebrows raised to offering a t shirt of a friends young son (what? why?) to the spirit of a serial killer!!?

Without a serious explanation of what they’re doing and why it’s just taken on assumption but they’re just to try and get proof that John Wayne Gacy spirit still exists in his old house but somewhere between the shaky cameras the filming of the filming and the static cameras flicking between each room, not much really happens apart from a few bangs in the night and some people who aim to go out to prove that spirits exist get freaked out when they start to prove their spirits exist!??

As much as it be deplorable when a director spends half the movie trying to introduce and warm the audience to his cast,in total contrast this is avoided and somehow nobody is all that memorable. In between slamming doors and creaking noises Fankhauser does take some time to do some debunking of the evidence found on camera which is quite refreshing to see that not everything is believed unconditionally, but there’s no real exploration or explanation of the unknown.

At some point during the evening; after some scratches appear on someones arm, people’s nerves are frayed they do pick up a extremely clear EVP which is supposedly the last words of the Gacy but yet again EVP’s tend to happen in the area where the words were said so shouldn’t this be in the execution room?

What really pissed me off, and be warned this does border on spoiler side of things, but huge opportunities have been sorely missed in this movie based on someone who’s so iconically connected the clowns and murder, it’s a total no brainier where to get your fright from, it could have been a whole different movie with wild scares if it just used what the was already at it’s fingertips, the blood, the victims, the clown get up, don’t let the film fall flat and swim in the constant stream of mediocre like this..


Rating: 2/10

R:Paranormal Activity (2007),
L: Serial Killer Movies, Paranormal Investigations



6 thoughts on “8213: Gacy House (2010)”

  1. I want to know if the people filming The Gacy House were really killed? Has any one noticed that after that was filmed the house was demolished and a completely new home was built on the site for exactly the amount my checking account is negative every month before I get paid? $465,000.
    In my case it’s $465.00. Just under the $500.00 over draft limit.

    1. Hi there is this a real question lol the house was demolished in 1979, and the actors all have listings after 2010 and are all still alive and kicking

      1. Yes. It was a real question. It seemed very real to me and I’m still not sure. I know of some one who has a fake Facebook page I think.

  2. Kisha, I keep getting notifications from you on this comment, on my cell phone. Is there some thing I am missing that you wanted to connect with me about?

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