Spotlight – Michael Smiley

There have always been a startling pantheon of amazing Irish actors, and if not loved for their devilish looks then their Irish lilt wil have draws dropping worldwide. I had watched Smilie in a few films like The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) just a small part, but that voice is so darn distinctive. A stand up comedian, married to Miranda Sawyer he always brings a cheeky smile and some darkness to any role, a hot favourite of Ben Wheatley the two seem to develop some very interesting and deep characters together.

05.Down Terrace (2009)

This was the first feature length film from the budding director and Smiley appears as Pringle, a small town hitman who sometimes has to drag his young son along with him. Everything about this film dank, filmed like a documentary and dealing with lots of raw emotions, double crossing and delivering some sharp kills, no one is safe once the killing starts. Stabbing shootings, old ladies being pushed under buses, it’s all go. Michaels character is hard to take, one minute he’s all smiles and the next he’s deadly serious, a great addition to the cast and possibly working towards his role in Kill List. 9/10 Continue reading Spotlight – Michael Smiley