Short Movie Roundup 9 August 2020

So while Covid was ravaging the world I couldn’t find time to keep this blog, my youtube channel running as smoothly as I had additional hours to work and I was thankful to be able to work through the pandemic but something had to give. However I always planned to return back with the short movies after Covid, but the light seems to be the same distance at the end of the tunnel, I have since had my Youtube channel deleted and that freed up some time and so I’m attempting to bring this back early.

It’s still sad to see Omeleto Crypt and other big blanket named are still taking over and everything i had saved that was independent is now deleted and with them, and littered with adverts I got 9 in one 19 minute movie.. how is that even possible? Alas on with the show.

Dirty Machines : The End of History

Opening with a slick tracking shot and with a grating stringed soundtrack a man has already embarked on a time travel adventure somewhere on the underground in Sweden. It’s quite ingenious and really captures the eye of those attuned to diverse shorts. Hopefully it’s something which will be expanded into a much more involved feature. There seems to be this need to set up time travel movies in a way to people working on machines, messing things up and having to fix them etc, but similarly there is a long history of conspiracy theories about time traveller tourists and this is where David Matthew Olson‘s short finds its energy. The ending You can find out more here Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 9 August 2020