Short Movie Roundup 9 August 2020

So while Covid was ravaging the world I couldn’t find time to keep this blog, my youtube channel running as smoothly as I had additional hours to work and I was thankful to be able to work through the pandemic but something had to give. However I always planned to return back with the short movies after Covid, but the light seems to be the same distance at the end of the tunnel, I have since had my Youtube channel deleted and that freed up some time and so I’m attempting to bring this back early.

It’s still sad to see Omeleto Crypt and other big blanket named are still taking over and everything i had saved that was independent is now deleted and with them, and littered with adverts I got 9 in one 19 minute movie.. how is that even possible? Alas on with the show.

Dirty Machines : The End of History

Opening with a slick tracking shot and with a grating stringed soundtrack a man has already embarked on a time travel adventure somewhere on the underground in Sweden. It’s quite ingenious and really captures the eye of those attuned to diverse shorts. Hopefully it’s something which will be expanded into a much more involved feature. There seems to be this need to set up time travel movies in a way to people working on machines, messing things up and having to fix them etc, but similarly there is a long history of conspiracy theories about time traveller tourists and this is where David Matthew Olson‘s short finds its energy. The ending You can find out more here

Last Requests

Actress Dale Dickey stars as a Maggie, a dedicated woman who spends her hours making last meals for inmates, however the film is set in 2011 during the demise of the last meal program in Texas after a notorious inmate on death row ordered an extravagant meal then refused to eat it, claiming he just wasn’t hungry.

Courtenay Johnson/Giles Smith managed to take all the dignity and experience from Maggies character and paint it throughout the movie. Her tough but unbiased approach to her job is offset by the tears of her apprentice who feels for the victims. But Maggie sucks up the negativity and still manages to pray over the food given to what many would see as the scum of the earth.

Sombre tones throughout as the food is lovingly prepared, deep questions raised and answered with powerful sentiment. The elephant in the room is almost visible as there is so much tension in this short movie, which ends on a final focus on Maggie and her situation as she has has her evening meal.

The Collector

Miniature short by Marc-Andrew Dubois, that follows a deranged man who likes to collect body parts from his many victims, with some great cinematography, focusing in and out screaming victims and parts in jars. There’s not much in the way of narrative but the focus is on presenting an idea and this is done to perfection. Hopefully this well attuned style is used for something more substantial.

Laws of the Universe

An African American prisoner in solitary isn’t collected for his hearing, after using his contraband phone his mother helps illuminate that a mysterious monolith style ship is hovering over the area where the prisoner is, maybe this will have something to do with an unknown man who walked into his room and vanishes? Locked in his cell with no power, food and little contact he has to try and solve this mystery.

A sensitive technology based short with a powerful message although it does feel a little unfinished.

Mariana 627

Douglas Utting stars in this short as a very bored man named Kurt, who is single handedly manning a small space exploration station, convinced that there is absolutely nothing in the are which is is patrolling he wastes his days watching tv, drinking and trying to stave off cabin fever. Eventually it’s time to for the nex relief to take over but it’s an AI that he has to program.

Being on a total downer and desperate to leave the bunt out technician tries to explain the day to day running but his jaded attitude rubs off on the program.

A homage to the scifi movies of the 70’s and 80’s this creative project from Gareth Rowntree & Finbarr Pine adds a lot of human to the machine with comedic flashes of brilliance. Using what looks like miniatures, old time cartoons and a brilliant lead man it’s as easy to dip into this like a lost episode of Red Dwarf.

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.

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