Short Movie Round up 16 August 2020

I’m taking another move with my “Short Movie” posts, and I’m chucking in some creepy pastas and other movies and documentary posts this time around, I listen to a lot of the CPastas and now is probably a good time to talk about the good ones which pop up from time to time. If it’s not your thing.. then don’t watch but no need to complain..

Part One – The Rise and Fall of the Essex Boys

This is a short introduction into a long list of near full length movies associated with the events known to the movie population as Rise of the Footsoldier parts 1 – infinity and the range of associated movies. But told from one of the original Essex Boys himself, it’s an articulate and interesting view into the real life behind the headlines, I am going to start watching them all, but we’ll see how far I get before this is posted!! So far I’ve made it to Episode 4 and we see Mr Mahoney travel from the UK, through jail and the forces to South Africa where he worked on some of the most dangerous doors, then back to the UK where he also helped on one of the nightclubs I went to as a teenager! Really interesting look back to the days where part of clubbing involved at least one fight on the door.. Continue reading Short Movie Round up 16 August 2020