Short Movie Roundup 23 August 2020

Continuing with the meld of short movies and other short videos including creepy pastas etc.. Hopefully widening these little slots will help widen your horizons too.


At first I wasn’t really sold by this idea and had to watch this short twice to really appreciate it’s message. Opening with the idea of a zombie/infected outbreak in the woods the movie quickly cuts to an unassuming unattached story of a crime scene cleanup, a dedicated and sensitive woman runs a clean up team but as her partner runs from the house she has to get a new guy in quickly, but the man who turns up has a weird taste for the job. As the story breaks down our perceptions of people’s differences are under the spotlight as the characters adjust to each other’s quirks but the kicker comes at the end when it goes a step further and forces us to rethink how we treat people who are down and out.

There’s more going on under the cover of blood sucking and flesh eating than the average horror, it becomes a mechanism to really question a materialistic society, where does charity really start with us realising we’re all in this together? I think it could spark something more dynamic if extended into a feature length movie.


A young woman returns home finding her front door open however instead of calling for any help she enters the house checking around and finding it empty,maybe everything is ok?

The makers of the short movie really tap into all of those night time terrors we have also come to from time to time, thinking that the pile of clothes at the end of the bed could just be a monster, only to have to turn the light on to prove otherwise. In fact this is one of the cracking scenes within the short movie and is adapted in a really creepy way.

Using their narrow lens and utilizing a talented play on light and sound; there’s a huge effort to try and scare us audience with the what if’s while this innocent woman tries to get a peaceful night sleep, and is constantly bombarded by a new wave of terror each time as something comes from the darkness. There is a constant setup within the film where something looks a little shifty in the shadows but as she shines her phone right on it it goes back to being normal until they bend the rules and all hell breaks loose.


Taking place from a parked car over the course of one afternoon, a tight british drama is bashed out. Slightly in the style of ground breaking brit flicks like Shifty and Kidulthood it’s open in its approach and raw in it’s delivery.

A young man attempts to talk his best friend from forcing her brother into a life of drug and dealing, he on the other hand recently released from prison is reconnecting with his besties but now faces the situation with a fresh pair of eyes with more experience, will his new found perspective have any effect in this powerful thought provoking drama?


Thomas Simon, introduces a rather interesting mystery in this punchy short. A hunter is seen hiding a bear trap in the snow, the elderly man hears something approaching and blows his dog whistle while scoping the woods with some kind of infrared aide, like an old man Predator he packs up and heads into the nearest town for some supplies and noties a young couple seemingly out for a romp in the woods.

What seems as any man out getting bait for a hunt is incredibly different, Simon manages to meld “today” with tomorrow, the payment for the supplies seems to be via a chip in the wrist and the man obviously has some tech in his glasses. It’s all subtle and so refreshing not to see highly advanced tech forced down the throat, instead Simon just gets on with it, the focus of the movie is whatever is growling and craving blood in the back of the hunters truck.

Brilliant methodical and well shot movie, would I like to see this turn into a feature, heck I’d buy that for a dollar.

SCP-354 │ The Red Pool │ Keter │ Extra Dimensional SCP – The Volgun

The Volgun is the place to go for some of the most impressive SCP work, and I love dipping in to catch up with some of my favourites, the Red Pool has always been one of my favourites and Valgum really goes out of his way to heighten the experience with his chilling re telling, spiced up with effects and his ability to push home the strange quality that follows these strange tales.

I’ve always appreciated how the red pool is this place where monsters are born, but hearing it read this way really made it feel more like a primordial ooze of blood generating new species. Gripping stuff as always.

Gas Stations and Sonic Sound Effects

Nexpo is one of those channels which has always proved a wealth of informative well made videos about those areas of the internet that we only stumble on from time to time, for me the Disturbing Things Found on the Internet are the best movies on the channel but I’ll go into them another day. Instead I’ll open up with this new more light hearted video.

Now saving the best for last a couple of films from a fellow fiend, Doctor Gallow

Feat. Evan Dean Shelton

The doctor has been writing new material since lockdown, and in true AOFA fashion I’m working backwards ,this is the second featuring the voice of Mr Shelton as he details a terrifying Cabin in the Woods horror.


The Doctor’s debut is this delightful horror that really makes you wonder what might be hiding under those beautiful covid masks, only watch if you can handle covid horrors, I know it’s a sensitive subject for some of us, but if you do, you’ll be in for a treat and shock.

Coronavirus Covid-48

If you’re still up for another Covid story then here’s a black comedy from Horror Craft, a delicious story of Covid, toilet paper and hand washing.. it does remind me of when Andrex broke the internet, are you a folder or a scruncher? Wonderful story told with a sly almost Vincent Price stylee..

3 Extremely Scary Horror Stories Animated

Finally a chance to catch up with Mort. Earlier this year the channel changed, not sure why, but all the new stories are now on Mort 2.0. There are a ton of new uploads and the art has changed a little but it’s equally as dark and brooding as any others in the history of Mort.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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