Short Movie Roundup 30 August 2020


It’s no secret what the movie is about but the elements within it remain powerful and esoteric as a couple begin to hit a wall when dealing with the grief of their missing son. Kevin and Esther’s so has been abducted, the couple are coping the best they can, Kevin is attending group classes while his wife is searching endlessly for their boy, however on one fateful night a stranger turns up at their exposed home in the night and turns their grief upside down as it’s revealed what caused the events.

For me I feel that the “man” who turns up is truth personified, how do you see it?

The violent and trippy exploration of grief is quite spot on in some aspects, as Esther goes through guilt and blame, normality and crashing back to the reality that her boy is still missing, feeling alone and on trial again and again. A really imaginative and thriller short with lots to take on board. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 30 August 2020