My Wife My Life (2020)

Director: Ugezu J Ugezu
Starring:Frederick Leonard, Queeneth Hilbert, Tana Egbo Adelana, Chinyere Wilfred, Ugo Spunky Obioha. .Nigeria. 4h +

Frederick Leonard stars as a man who has it all, and this puts him in the front running and he’s hit on daily by many beautiful women, but he’s an honourable man and only has eyes for his darling wife Cindy (Adelana).

His overbearing mother is intent on ending his marriage and for him to marry a girl that she chooses, seeing the current union as going against her will and therefore null and void, she spends her waking hours, actively running schemes behind their backs to shroud their marriage in doubt and fear, and doesn’t think twice about telling Cindy that she would like to see her dead… charming!

Ugezu J Ugezu is here to prove that love conquers all in a questionable drama filled with lots of beautiful women all clawing for the attention of a darling married man. the moral compass swings as women throw themselves as Leonard, and even he becomes tempted at some point, but how much can he hold back and will the luck in the relationship run out with this constant barrage of attacks.

There is a continuous oppression coming from mama Leonard who’s obsession with her sons relationship becomes creepy and evil and the film centres in on the trio heavily in the last few episodes. Check out the clip from Episode 8 which features Leonard watching one of my favourite Nollywoods of 2020, Going to America at home while getting over another ear bashing from his mother, just before her visit to the witch doctor.

With minimal technical difficulties apart from some crackling sound when the praying gets heavy, this hit from Remmy Jes Productions is one of the better films to leave Nigera this year and is available on YouTube in HD, it impressively gets incredibly heavy as the mother (in law) gets more desperate and out does all of Disney’s evils step mothers and queen together, but just far will she go to achieve her goal?

Lots of outrageous antics going on in this epic, and for once a Nigerian husband who believes his wife is a good woman and attempts to champion her, for at least a little while.. It’s good to see this stereotype of husbands siding with their mothers and going for the bad girl challenged from time to time.

Rating: 6/10

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