Short Movie Roundup 6 September 2020

A ton of cover at work and crippling back pain has kept me from presenting a decent list this week, but I managed to watch the Tiger King, so that’s something.. Right?

Reaping Asmodeia: Of Talons and Teeth

I’m chucking this into the mix, it’s a music video but it’s from the amazing director Anthony Cousins who made one of my all time favourite shorts, When Susurrus Stirs. and he also made the following short…

The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds

With a strong retro vibe a group of friends party i the woods, one of the Scooby Doo gang begin telling a scary story about a boy who wore a Burt Reynolds mask to hide his deformities at camp. Definitely pulling together ideas from a few slasherific classics like Hatchet and the Burning. It’s very different in style to Susurrus but a solid movie with perfect elements in it’s campy retroesque feel and approach and displays a lot of versatility, but I’m not sure if a voice box can be used in such a way?


Mitchell Slan goes all out in his paranoia short film, centring on a young woman who has a fear of Balloons, damn after Stephen Kings IT, a lot of us began to hate them.. and there does feel like a lot of flashbacks from the IT generation are driving the film. It all starts well then gets a little creepy while going full on Rob Zombie House of 1000 corpses, there’s definitely a lot of therapy needed for all involved and anyone with Coulrophobia should probably stay well away. but this is a great example of when therapy ends up being scarier than the problem. I couldn’t but help feeling a few Judy vibes with the clown make up.


This puzzled me for some time and then it began to worry me. A woman travelling alone on the Underground catches the attention of two young men, one of them, Sam Parsonsons from the cold thriller Coffin Rock seems particularly sinister but he does that so well.. The boys begin to follow and taunt the girl as she attempts to avoid them and pretends that nothing is awry but there’s a sick game at play here.. Very chilling short with a mean streak from director Shelly Lauman.


A prequel to Little Red Riding Hood by Tristan Dunlop and uploaded by Rumble Dog Pictures. Red is seen playing cards with a few men and having particularly good luck.. to start with. Volume is the biggest issue here but attempts to experiment with the camera work does give it an interesting edge and the cutest furry wolf costume ever. It could have benefitted from a transformation scene but a lot of respect for the comedy concept.

The Man Who Wouldn’t Die – Mr Creepy Pasta

For all of the Creepypastas I listened to this week this one stood out not only for it’s presentation but the concept of not being able to die usually ends in one of two ways in Creepy pastas, either the unfortunate ends up in prison with a life sentence or in pieces writing in pain much like the monkey paw segment in Tales From the Crypt. This weird tale thinks outside the box and lands it’s character and instead it’s not the main character but someone who a small time gangster is paid to kill, which makes his task more interesting, the guy is like Rasputin though, finding his immortality so very funny.

So it’s been a blast catching up with all the channels I used to follow when I had an account, but slowly as I remember people I’m adding them to my own makeshift list!! Today i caught up with a few regulars including…

Dayum Drops, They Told Me I went to the Wrong Restaurant!

If I ever ran a restaurant and I saw this man walk in I would make sure he had the best damned meal but isn’t that the point of restaurants? Either way it’s just a voice over as the place was playing music and we all know about music copyright.. *rolls eyes and tears up* but I need to write about movies how he writes about food!!

The Fall of Civilisations Podcast – Roman Britain

Now this is ingenious, a new channel for me, but it seems they have taken their podcast to the screen with sensitive and poignant photos and clips, and it really works. I have to say I’ve studied quite a bit of history but there were always key little bits which were always missing from lessons and skipped over in books and I feel this is going to help me catch up on a few things, another good channel for catching up with a few things is…

Biographics – Idi Amin

I’ve picked an old video but one that sticks with me as I find Idi such an interesting subject, don’t’ fear i don’t look up to the man but what a lot of nuttery in one lifetime.. So Biographics is one of those informative channels that focuses in on one person or event, I dunno how Simon Whistler manages to do videos every Monday and Thursday with so many other channels under hs belt but he’s always on point and adds in a bit of his own humor while detailing some very interesting characters from history.

Investigating Mysterious Encounters from Randomnautica

This is Nexpo’s coverage of Randomnautica, an app which seems to run on chaos magic theory and players search for a spot to investigate after making a wish and end up finding exactly what they wished for, except people keep wishing for blood, death and gore.. little fuckers..

I covered one of Nexpo’s videos a short while ago but I feel right enough to talk about Randomnautica as I downloaded the app after watching the video but couldn’t reach any of the areas that the app spotted for me, then I had a scary thought.. What if you’re out and about, switch it on and it shows your home address as a void.. do you dare go home?

Hopefully you enjoyed this weeks list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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