Wedding Palaver (2020)

Director: Adim C Williams
Starring. Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, Frederick Leonard, Chinenye Uba, Sam Obiago, Jennifer Cooper, Praise Gladson, Tracey Edwin, Adim Williams. Nigeria. 4h +.

A wedding can be the most important day of anyone’s life, usually the highly planned and well organised day can be stressful but after years of being happily married it’s worth it, however everything is upside down about this traumatic run up to this less than perfect couples wedding.

The surprising thing about the Wedding Palaver is that it starts with a hurt girlfriend leaving her jealous and over bearing boyfriend played by Frederick Leonard, he’s controlling, rude and doesn’t apologise for belittling his lover when assuming she’s cheating on him when in fact she’s out visiting her cousin, the hurt girl pleads for mercy then realising that he’ll never change, she leaves.

Not too long into singledom a new relationship sparks up with a young professional woman played by Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha, and while everything seems great on the surface, there’s a worrying underlying sign that some of the lessons of the past have not been learn.

The movies carries us through the trials of a young couple trying to work things out, there’s mystery about a young woman found in the family home, and Chioma’s need for her Christian values and her church to be involved in her marriage vs her husbands lusty needs and desire to have a modern no religious wedding really amp up the action when the local minister is revealed as not being so pious.

But overall this elegant drama that builds up it’s character is different ways to drive the plot in wild directions, but it does keep it fresh and enjoyable for each episode and pushed a few taboo subjects into the spotlight like modern day slavery, it’s interesting if a bit over dramatic at times, but isn’t that what romance is all about?


Rating 6/10

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