Short Movie Roundup 13 September 2020


A beautiful short by Kibwe Tavares starring Daniel Kaluuya who most will know from Get Out. In this tantalizing short he’s a street kid who accidentally discovers a giant fish while out trying to make his fortune with his best friend. A simple lucky shot on their camera with the amazing giant jumping fish cements his fame and fortune and his small town transforms form the increased tourism, turning his little fishing town into a Neo Africa.

The film follows the rise and fall of both man and town, as the fish had never been seen again, now aged our young hero, now along and long forgotten as the man who spotted the biggest catch, shuffled through the ruins he heads out to sea and that’s when the storytelling begins to overtake the dramatic visuals.

There’s a meld of time and success, love and regret all mixed into the ending, the fish seems to be more of a symbol than a fine catch, but I think it’s fluid enough to allow viewers to make up their own minds about what it represents for them. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 13 September 2020