Devils Diary (2007) TV

Director: Farhad Mann.
Starring. Alexz Jonson, Miriam McDonald, Deana Casaluce, Magda Apanowicz USA. 1h 30m.

Starting out with a gothic feel, in a graveyard a couple of teenage girls Dominique and Ursula, set out to perform a spell but it turns out to be a punk’d style prank. While leaving the site a lightning bolt strikes a grave and a strange book is left in the shadow of a tombstone, each girl picks it up but only one is drawn to Ursula and thus the fight of good and evil ensues and a wonderful friendship is challenged

“Do you know who has the book now?”

For the most part this plays out as any teen drama, although it’s peculiar that Mann expects us to believe any of this “kids” are teens, There’s nothing extraordinary about the drama that takes place, the “hot” cheerleaders are rich and pretty and clique together like a Malibu girl gang who are more interested in partying than fighting. There is an interesting confrontation where a clueless blonde tries to put Dominique and Ursula in their place by alerting them to the class structure and putting them at the bottom but the down and outs in this school club together and there’s no real sense of angst or danger, I remember when school bullies actually struck fear into the hearts of their victims and did some damage, like Buddy Repperton with his sledgehammer and those luscious lips.. *ahem*

There’s a little fun when Ursula becomes attuned with her new diabolical diary, working out that she can take down her bullies one by one by simply writing about their downfall it’s mediocre stuff and uses little in the way of special effects, why she didn’t just take em all out in one go I’ll never figure, but in the style of Final Destination they all begin to befall terrible tragedies. But the tables turn when the book is stolen.

The movie gears up for a plot designed to tear the two best friends apart, but pushes the compelling side of the plot away for heavy bouts of teen drama and gossip it soon dwindles down into a messy affair, with a childish quality about it, the book is intent on moving to the next person who will cause more damage, so if you’re not wishing for anything to terrible then it will find a way to get into the hands of someone who will end u destroying the world but it settles foe a bimbo who just wants boys to chase her. and the tables keep turning in nonsensical ways just to keep the film flowing but causing plot holes that open up like rifts,

A couple of hero priests turn up causing more calamity and then the film ends in a predictable non-terrifying way. Considering the promising start, it could have been something cool, blending Death Note with any other aspect of the horror genre is a chicken dinner, but over complicating it just ruined the vibes. It has a cheeky side but never really takes the plunge into horror, but even as a TV horror, alas nothing here to really keep my attention for the final act


Rating 3/10

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Lists – Highschool Horrors
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