Short Movie Roundup 20 September 2020

Short Movie Roundup 20 September 2020

The Looking Planet

CGI big screen experience from Eric Law Anderson Via the CGBros. It’s a cute little movie, a young boy(?) is supposed to be helping his father create rings around planets, it seems to be a thing his race does, but after carving The Moon, he settles it near the death when he realises what effect it will have on the evolution on the planet, and just in time for his family to leave our universe and head back home I guess in time for tea.

Despite the main characters being blue/green aliens and speaking an unknown language there’s so much humanity in them, a boy who doesn’t want to do his chores, a father who’s all about hard work and contracts. It’s pretty upbeat and awe inspiring.

Stay At Home

So Covid doesn’t need another layer of horror added to it but the Covid inspired Creepypastas and horror movies conjured up by the unreal idea of being confined to one’s home have been pretty inventive.

A lone man is being sensible and working at home with a barrage of texts from his friends who are out and about breaking the lockdown rules. He hears a knock and the door but all that is outside is a small box with a badly misspelt note that gives instruction that he shouldn’t open the box for two weeks/two weekends or he’ll unlead untold horrors… there are no prizes for what he does next..

It’s beautifully shot, with the dimly lit home, casting long shadows, the text messages pop up on screen like any modern movie but the key to fear and success point of the movie is the intense building in the score, at some point it becomes a little overbearing but at least the effort went into creating the right noises and with perfect timing. There is a long section with the main character turning lights on and off and I couldn’t work out why for ages….

Some well used camera trickery that’s not uncommon for a horror movie comes into play when lights and mirrors become a thing but otherwise it’s a successful short horror that plays with another person tempting fate with a pandora like box and living the ghostly consequences, at least it will get your mind off covid for a while

The Sky

A touch of cosmic horror directed by Matt Sears and written by Ryan Grundy, a couple of young girls playing never have i ever while drinking wine and taking shrooms watching a stormy sky in a desolate landscape and seem to be waiting for some event.

Sears uses camera speeds, light effects and saturation the shrooms trip, however the storm doesn’t seem to be a typical one, shrooms or not.

There seems to be a lot of crossover in the style effects between this and Colour Out of Space, which seems to have flavoured the new wave in Cosmic Horror.

Eldritch Code

Ivan Radovic’s short sci fi, cosmic horror inspired piece is based on a story by Glen Cadigan and Chee which appeared in a Cthulhu anthology.

An unlucky IT techy is attempting to fight a dangerous computer virus that an employee had downloaded, the strange item in the Arkham folder has easily affected half of his network, but armed with a swimming pool of Starbucks he manages to come up with solutions to contain the virus.

The movie looks delightfully dated and has a chunky synth soundtrack. I’m guessing the story was originally riddled with Cthulhu lingo and symbols and this comes across in the visuals. And the effects look quite impressive for such a short movie and are added in tastefully.


This supernatural horror is something special and I’d love to see more of it, alas I feel trying to add a detailed back story to this would ruin the fun but more of this would be great.

Hangman follows the dismal life of Evan, his life has hit rock bottom, his wife has left him and his dog doesn’t want to stay with him, but what’s worse is that the effects of his poor choices seems to be following him around in the guise of a hanging body that seems to appear when he leasts expects it.

Directed by Patryk Terelak and Rockwell White there’s a heavy bombing synth track that sets this in a nouvelle 70’s with chunky fonts and a relaxed lifestyle but VR and tech are in abundance. I love the combination which is seen in a lot of modern horrors like It Follows.

Patryk can often be found with the username Dirty Sloth, there are some videos here

YouTube and Other Non Movie Shorts

The Rise and Fall of Kat Von D – Illluminaughtii

So this is when I go all stereotypical girly and get excited about the makeup industry. I wear makeup like so many other people and it’s something which seems to connect people, admired or hated most people have an opinion about other people’s makeup choices. But what erks me about the indiustry is the sheer amount of psycho’s behind the creations, the racial tensions behind Jeffrey Star, the Nazi and deloprable history of Lime Crime and Kat Von D who seems to have been outshining them all with an amped up version and antivaxxing! I can’t thank Illluminaughtii enough for her in depth coverage of the history of fuck ups.. But now that KVD isn’t working with her own label anymore.. dang I can buy some foundation again!?

Bonus Episode – Personal Experiences of bedtime Stories Team – Rich

Something personal from the creator and voice of Bedtime Stories, as Rich details some crazy paranormal events from his life, and I can see why he gravitates to the strange and curious side of life. I have to admit that he takes it all in his stride. There are a few revelations that would have me sleeping with all the lights on.

How One Comment Can Take You Down A Rabbit Hole – The Right Opinion

After losing my channel I found this incredibly insightful, talking to Youtube is like talking to 1995 AI. It’s just a vacuous waste of space. However the Right Opinion has created a really insightful piece on how a simple comment has been noted to cause some low life channel pervert to be able to steal your profile and use it to boost his own channel and the utter war to get YouTube to acknowledge and “actually” respond to it’s users when trying to get to the bottom of the hijacking.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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