Short Movie Roundup 27 September 2020


Hello Again

A young man goes to visit his mother’s grave and meets an unusual young lady, she’s chatty and outgoing, sensitive but so quirky that the young man is a bit lost for words, the girl is there to visit her father’s grave, and as the two stand side by side and have the most amazing down to earth conversation skirting around and broaching some of the most difficult topics about life and death. All the typical taboo subjects that a lot of people find it incredibly hard to talk around are totally crushed by their honesty and it seems so cheerful by the end of the short, a lovely trip down a fateful path.

I love the active camera that finds and loses it’s subjects from time to time, as it feels you’re really there with the people shifting around with their awkwardness. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 27 September 2020