Short Movie Roundup 27 September 2020


Hello Again

A young man goes to visit his mother’s grave and meets an unusual young lady, she’s chatty and outgoing, sensitive but so quirky that the young man is a bit lost for words, the girl is there to visit her father’s grave, and as the two stand side by side and have the most amazing down to earth conversation skirting around and broaching some of the most difficult topics about life and death. All the typical taboo subjects that a lot of people find it incredibly hard to talk around are totally crushed by their honesty and it seems so cheerful by the end of the short, a lovely trip down a fateful path.

I love the active camera that finds and loses it’s subjects from time to time, as it feels you’re really there with the people shifting around with their awkwardness.

Side Effects

A young man is struggling with the loss of his mother and attempts a new drug to help get over his depression but it has some crazy side effects. After reuniting with his dead mother who seems to have moved from his memories back into the house, he asks for help from his girlfriend and things begin to get really strange in this short released by Ironart Films. Who also released Shadow Box, reviewed previously.

A powerful psychological mind trip amplified through sight and sound from pioneering director Cohl Echols. With both an intense synth soundtrack there’s also tons of thick creepy layers that build up with the story that doesn’t stop twisting and turning until it’s bitter end. Definitely feels like an Arboria/Get Out type of institute pumpkin people full of pills that help them see different realities, LoveCraft would love this clinical trial. I really enjoyed that it doesn’t follow the typical cause and effect story and keeps chucking a curved ball at its audience.


I’m not sure what’s more frightening here, the fact a young boy is being stalked by a monster that gets closer every time he blinks or that he has to listen to his mother fucking in the next room while it’s happening.

It’s definitely a film filled with more style and an overarching substance, and it’s amplified by it’s incredible sound effects and monster development, the frail bony rotting figure with jerky movements that works on a similar basis to those annoying angels in Dr Who.

It’s quite an accomplishment from Director Chris Keller who has stretched out his idea but had not given up on trying to achieve something Guillermo del Toro would be happy to toss around in an extended version.

House of Straw

A soothing classical overture softens the blow of this horrific short from Kyle Bogart. A couple struggle to contain a dark supernatural secret. As night falls they hurriedly make preparations to lock the “secret” away, however with all the best laid plans, some things can’t be locked away forever.

It’s a well written and perfectly executed short movie and Bogart has really shown so much ability to forge a compelling story and not fall into all those awful stereotypes that often exist before a movie of this horror subgenre. There’s an unusual dynamic between this couple, often passive aggressive and somewhat comical they seem to get on with a secret that binds and tears them apart. Watching all the pieces fall into place is like poetry.

Youtube Shizz

SCP 1680 – Tyler – The Volgun

Volgun returns with a cute little SCP about a boy who keeps appearing and becomes a problem to store!!

I Used to Work for a Charity in the Philippines” | Creepypasta Storytime

Really creepy creepypasta based on the monster known as the Aswang, which is a blanket term for a shape shifting monster, really cool stuff!

How to survive hell  – Dark Somnium

Really interesting trip into a thriving hell and how to survive the different areas of the city and wasteland that surrounds it. Told by a random character who outlines how you’re “born” into hell and that often you’ll be beaten and eaten alive before your first breath but if you’re lucky you’ll make it through day one but no matter how badass you are, you’ll end up being beaten, tortured, raped and killed many times as eternity is a long time.

It gives a sense of a medieval punk version of Heronymoush’s Bosch’s hellscapes and I loved every minute of it.

Making the Most Cursed Object In History – Natures Temper

This is the first of two videos that form a really interesting story of a man who decides to make a haunted object, his technical specialty is bladesmithing so he collected lots of objects used in grisly murders and forges them into one uber possessed knife and then sets up a way of allowing his friend and his family to becomes possessed by the blade and watched the effects.

It’s a dark as fuck story which would really make a wonderful movie or short movie series if anyone has the ability to craft the gore I’d be such a sucker for this ghostly gore story.

When I was Abducted by Aliens Invasive Probing was the Least of my Worries” | Creepypasta Storytime

An interesting take on an alien abduction where the Aliens doing the probing aren’t the scariest presence in the universe!! Evil little twist in the slightly darkly honours pasta.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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