13 Halloween Horrors

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So I love Halloween, it’s a very special time for me, as a heathen and horror connoisseur I get my kicks in October, even though every day is halloween in my haus, I get to do that extra bit of home decor shopping and when I dress up and go out, I tend to “fit in”.. And for the love of the season here are 13 Halloween Horrors that really get me in the spooky mood. For me, my favourite ‘we’en movies have to include classic monsters and horror personalities, I like films which are set at Halloween, or have that feeling of something great happening when night comes! In a way I suppose it can be described as fun horror, not so much comedy horror.

13.Halloween (1978)

John Carpenter’s breakthrough cult classic set around and sharing a name with Halloween night, is an easy target for those looking to get in the mood for a night of thrills and chills. The slasher is just as psychological as gory but with Carpenter’s keen eye and sense for outlandish horror it has a great sense of danger. Following a teenage girl, as she’s stalked by a masked psychopath who’s totally indifferent to killing. With its iconic music, bold characters and a killer who has gathered quite a fanclub this is one horror which shouldn’t be missed for it’s we writing of the book of modern American Slashers.

12.Scary Stories to tell in the Dark (2019)

Despite its shortcomings, not being , I really did like the feeling and atmosphere of this collection of short horror stories that meld into one flashback to a childhood scare. With creepy scarecrows, crazy disjointed critters it’s got the right level of comedy and classic Halloween themed creepiness to make it really enjoyable. The idea is that the movie would conjure some sentiment in creating live action versions of those short stories we used to read as children, but it misses the mark a lot but does combine some of the more memorable characters into a more pleasurable collection of stories.

11.House on Haunted Hill (1959/1999)

Both stories follow a horror loving couple who hold a party to scare each other and their guests, with the survivor of the night getting a huge cash reward in the morning, the original 50’s effort was intentionally campy but with Vincent Price as a star it’s still a hit with old school fans and sparked an interesting remake with a more gore and cash in the last 90’s I really love the premises as everyone is always planning a spooky party on Halloween but sadly no everyone takes it to this extreme but in all honestly I think we should aim high..

10.Late Phases (2014)

For me when I think of Halloween I like to mix a lot stereotypical characters into my mix for movies, and while the werewolf is a staple a lot of movies just don’t feel as Halloweeny as Late Phases, I can’t quite pinpoint it exactly why, most Werewolf movies happen a night but this one is in a pleasant retirement holmesville, but with furry critters constantly calling at the house of a blind veterans kinda reminds me of trick or treaters. It’s quite a thriller with limited effects but it just feels right, the old vet has to prep himself for a nightly attack and he gets a slew of hairy monsters calling.

09.Pumpkinhead (1988)

Pumpkins are quite essential for that Halloween feeling and when I was a kid and first heard about this movie I assumed it was a slasher where the killer had a pumpkin on his head (I was tres young) But when I first saw the monster that the Appalachian witch conjured up from her pumpkin patch, I was seriously impressed. It’s a powerful story of the corruption of revenge and features a truly demonic creature.

08.All Halllow’s Eve (2013)

A retro stylised anthology of stories all connected by an eccentric character known as Art the Clown, a masked psychopath who seems to have an odd paranormal quality about him. A babysitter is looking after two kids on Halloween night, while going through their Halloween bags the kids discover a video which features three creepy films all connected by the clown’s terrifying presence. A mutants taste for human flesh, an alien abduction and a road stop in hell all see bloodied victims and odd situations, there seems to be a sort of VHS/Home Camcorder-esque feel about each segment but it’s not amped up enough to be stylistic as it could be. But it remains an strange BMovie collection that pays homage to the older American slashers and spurred on a sequel and includes “that clown from Terrifier (2016)” but at the time of filming he was merely in a short movie of the same name.

07.Tales from the Darkside (1990)

Now I can’t justify this one with my sky high criteria of halloween elements, it’s simply a well loved Halloween movie. When Creepshow 3 turned out to be a piece of turd, this movie easily became the go to substitute. With a star studded cast, and some devilish tales with hints from classical literature it’s a brilliant blend of new and old story telling. The cute wrap around stars debbie harry as an evil witch like femme fetal and each of the stories have a morbid macarbe about them and some tie with a classic monster, from college students resurrecting mummies, black cats that just won’t die and demonic gargoyles there’s a nod to the greats with a twist of the modern.

06.Creepshow (1982)

This anthology was one of those game changers that modernised the Amicus styled classics. Updating the genre with a comic styled approach kicking in as Stephen King draws some culture from old time 50’s horror comics like Tales from the Crypt, The Vault of Horror and The Haunt of Fear. With George A Romero and Tom Savini behind the camera and effects nothing could and did go wrong with this unparalleled movie. There are stories about ancient creatures in crates with a taste of human flesh, a bug revenge story and a zombie father who insists on turning up for some delicious cake on fathers day, to name a few. With Romeo as director you’ll see a lot of his favourite actors from his back catalogue, it’s a bit of a who’s who of horror of the era.

05.Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

I’m aware I said comedy horror wasn’t really a part of my Halloween ethos and this is definitely a comedy horror, however if you have a phobia of clowns then this takes on a different tone. Personally I don’t mind clowns but Killer Klowns!? These guys are a different ball game. Oversized alien blood sucking psychos who come to earth to harvest humans in the guise of klowns and armed with strange popcorn, super human strength and a sick sense of humor is the perfect combination of everything that’s so right and wrong about horror one of my favourite scenes is when the klowns are operating a police office like a ventriloquist doll.. creepy shit.

04.Jeeper Creepers (2001)

I love when a creepy monster gets a girly fan club, and it was to a lot of peoples surprise when horror girls were willing to drop their panties for the Creeper, despite his ghoulish appearance and apartite for body parts and stalking the creeper is a funny guy (thing) and while pursuing a couple of siblings his sense of humor shines through the gore and havoc he creates along his blood drive.

03.Satan’s Little Helper (2004)

This is a classic example of when a movie has enough heart and soul to win over it’s audience with it’s determination to just be entertaining. Satan’s little helper, from my experiences, has a solid following of fans who have been equally blown away and entertained by the antics of one sadistic person who befriends a naive boy on Halloween. A man in a mask is on a kill spree who seems to pick up a side kick, a boy who’s determined to have a good time at halloween, they pair go about seeming to just have some fun but in the background the masked man is really slaying the residents. It’s tongue in cheek and whimsical at times but is so much fun in that dark fashion it’s my newest all time favourite.

02.Trick r Treat (2007)

A slick and twisted collection of tales from one small town on Halloween night, and the unfortunates all discover what happens when you extinguish your JackOLantern before midnight when what seems to be the spirit of Halloween comes knocking bringing a little curse with him. invoking life into all the classic stories of psychopaths, werewolves, ghouls and ghosts, this is an instant Halloween horror classic of the 21st century.

01. House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

For me, and at least one of my sisters, this is our ultimate Halloween movie, It’s set at Halloween and includes some of the sickest slickest gory fun and we get our deco and drinking inspiration from this film. Flaming Hot Pussy Liquor is one of our unique drinks of the night as well as dressing up rabi suits and firing fake blood at each other for kicks. For me this is Rob Zombies only decent movie, if this pop surreal blend and mix of styles had carried on without caring about the censors then I reckon he’d be a stellar director.

8 thoughts on “13 Halloween Horrors”

  1. A terrific list! I am going to share tomorrow! It’s a nice mix of new and old, well known and cult – a great mix of style and subject matter as well!

    1. I’m amazed you didn’t know all of these I started with the popular ones first.. Let me know what you think of Late Phases, from the people I’ve spoken to it’s an hit and miss with a lot of the horror crowd, stay spooky!

  2. i get terrified easily and have startle response, don’t know if i could take it, i’m such a horror film lightweight, but. a great list !

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