Hallowe’en 2020

So with all the tragedy of 2020, I decided to keep my sprits high and dig into some terrifying horror movies, this is my attempt to try and compile a list of horror movies for the spookiest month, I’ve tried similar things over the years, all were massive fails but  they can be found here…

31 Days of Halloween horror 2015 – 19 days this time

31 days of Halloween Horror 2016 – I only managed 23 https://admitonefilmaddict.wordpress.com/2016/10/01/31-days-of-halloween-horror-2016/

13 days of Halloween Horror 2017 – I may have only got to day 8? https://admitonefilmaddict.wordpress.com/2017/10/28/13-days-of-halloween-horror-2017/

Its been a while for me to try this again, but alas here I am , fingers crossed  for a full house this year, but I’ve learnt that I shouldn’t really try and make any plans in 2020,  I’m planning 13 Horror related reviews, 4 Short movie roundups and 5 lists.. wish me luck..

01. 13 Hallowe’en Movies Vol 1.
02. Spotlight – John Carpenter
03. Day of the Beast (1995)
04.Horror Shorts 04.10.2020
05.Body Parts (1991)
06. Asylum Blackout/The Incident (2011)
07.Spotling – George A Romero 
09.Horror Shorts 11.10.2020
10.Ouija Shark (2020)
11.Barge People (2018)
12.Sputnik (2020)
13.Horror Shorts 18.10.2020
14.Pale Door (2020)
15.Demon Under Glass (2002)
16.Se7en (1995)
17.Horror Shorts 25.10.2020
18.Possession Dairies (2019)
19.The Cleansing Hour (2019)
20.Invisible Man (2020)

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