Short Movie Roundup 04 October 2020

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The first of a series of Horror only Shorts coming for the month of October! I’m not saying these will all blow you off your feet or make you check under the bed tonight but I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s start with..

The Snapshot

A crazy little short set on a plane, a man notices the passenger he’s sitting next too isn’t all that normal, when everyone is weirded out about turbulence she’s sitting there with a crazy smile on her little adorable old ladies face as she leafs through a book of polaroids that seem to be of all the passengers.

Being on a plane is enough horror for some people and while there are no Gremlins tearing up with wings, there’s enough horror action once the old ladies snapshot book is opened up. The sets and acting are really authentic and the use of camera angles in and between seats really sits the audience in the plane with whatever crazy shenanigans is going on until it’s sudden ending… Never trust creepy old people. Check out this list for more contenders. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 04 October 2020