Short Movie Roundup 04 October 2020

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The first of a series of Horror only Shorts coming for the month of October! I’m not saying these will all blow you off your feet or make you check under the bed tonight but I hope you enjoy it!

Let’s start with..

The Snapshot

A crazy little short set on a plane, a man notices the passenger he’s sitting next too isn’t all that normal, when everyone is weirded out about turbulence she’s sitting there with a crazy smile on her little adorable old ladies face as she leafs through a book of polaroids that seem to be of all the passengers.

Being on a plane is enough horror for some people and while there are no Gremlins tearing up with wings, there’s enough horror action once the old ladies snapshot book is opened up. The sets and acting are really authentic and the use of camera angles in and between seats really sits the audience in the plane with whatever crazy shenanigans is going on until it’s sudden ending… Never trust creepy old people. Check out this list for more contenders.

Suicide By Sunlight

Directed by Nikyatu Jusu this short vampire movie features an incredibly well written story about a Black nurse who, protected by her Melanin is a Vampire capable of walking in Sunlight..

Part Blade and part DayBreakers it’s a dark tale of parenthood, blood lust and being a good parent vs being who you are.  There’s possibly a bite at African Americans facing challenge within the community to be christian rather abide by their older tribal beliefs, but this could be my brain clutching at straws. Bittersweet story which no doubt would lose its essence in a feature unless in the right hands but I think should get more attention.


From the imagination of Bobby Coston this simple story had a lot of merit, a group of friends are heading home after a night of drinking not realising they are being stalked by a monster.

The production, acting and dialogue looks like a big budget movie, and it comes across as being so simple and effective. The special effects are the only questionable element but definitely a reason to not hang around at night, there might be women about!


This is slightly typical of the more modern Social Media horrors, where there’s a chain message which needs to be passed from one person to another, however for these types of horror to work the “entity” seems to just get shunted around without doing much but frightening anyone, but it worked for the Ring so why not this, well the Ring works as the media gets spread even if the person dies as it’s physical, however not matter how well the scars are arranged in this sort it only works if someone successfully passes the “message” to someone they love.. it looks really appealing but just didn’t really hit the spot with me but top notch effort from Faisal Hashmi.

The Black Square

Cosmic horror that resonated if you’ve played any of the games from Rusty Lake! If you haven’t then get them played NOW!

A man guarding a black square notices that it’s started acting strange and calls for backup. but it seems the black squares have other plans now that they are making themselves visible.

From the dialogue you can piece together a bigger overarching set of fear, a clever trick that doesn’t hit the budget but allows the audience to conjure up whatever they want to. .. I just reckon someone has been playing Rusty Lake games ha ha good little film.

Mira Mira

This short is creepy as fuck, I really love the creature effects and it just works so much better than any CGi would. it touches on some of the work done in Yami Shibai, Evil Dead and a touch of Creepypasta. A girl gets duped into another world through a mirror by a malevolent entity, but the creature is perfectly odd and creepy in it’s jerky movements and evil demeanor, it’s a full on horror fuckfest.. definitely a highlight from directors, Ivan Sunguroff and Drew Bierut.


YouTube Stuff

The Erebus Project – Natures Temper

Nature’s Temper returns with his enigmatic tones with a creepy story about the dark. This has been one of those things that really sparked my imagination as a kid, when I first learnt about an electron microscope and the concept that for us to observe we have to shed light on an object and this often changes the object.. Quantum physics is all fun but what happens when we try to perceive in total darkness, darkness on a molecular level. This is what is probed in this Creepy Pasta from The Vesper’s Bell.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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