Ouija Shark (2020)

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Director: Brett Kelly
Starring: Leslie Cserepy, Steph Goodwin, Kylie Gough, Robin Hodge, Satci Marie Lattery. USA. 1h 21m

Well I knew that Sharknado (2013) was going to open the flood gates of bizarre cheesy horrors but I couldn’t have predicted this one! A home grown horror from Brett Kelly with a long history of off key horrors including, Iron Soldier (2010) who isn’t Iron Man, Avenging Force (2010) who aren’t the Avengers at all, Pirates Quest for Snake Land (2009) *cough*and Spyfall (2014), you get the idea right? This instalment of fear follows a girl who finds a Ouija board while out swimming in the sea (or a lake) and throwing all caution to the wind she uses the board with her friends an act which unleashes a vicious shark spirit.

There’s not a lot of flare or attempt to make the most of settings or scene the camera is often walked around characters giving a found footage feel and strange angles are thrown around as cameras seem to be left on picnic tables and whatnot, and while this is a common style for cheesy horrors it really brings the tone down and makes the film hard to watch. The acting is comical and is so bad it begins to save the movie which plays on a lot of the paranormal clichés, after the beast is unleashed the group are slowly picked off one by one by the furious shark, which is basically one of those rubber sharks that you wear as a glove, a few are chased through the woods, but instead of running and screaming it’s more of a gentle jog in the woods and one girl even stops and says “oh great it’s going to kill him first” then arms herself with a stick and waits for her turn to be ripped apart. Sadly there are very few attempts to amp up the kitchen sink fake blood and FX

Help is sought from a couple of psychic professionals, I think someone’s uncle pops up with a deck of printed tarot cards and totally interprets them completely wrong, I have to admit that by the time this character surfaced I was caring for my frontal lobes and was scared to pay too much attention for fear of total brain damage. But possible uncle then goes to a “gypsy” who reads her light up crystal ball for more info on the shark… and guess what, the shark is angry! But never fear he has a method of psychic protection and a deep understanding on how to communicate with sharks using a board, it’s great that sharks understand English in the afterlife.

Gonna need a bigger board

I can generally champion B Movies but they have to make some attempt to show that they love what they do, this falls flat in all areas but I feel it’s unfair to try and judge it compared to other horror movies, it’s just a light hearted comedic tickle at making a funny film with a horror theme and nothing much more, it’s just not my kinda thing but I don’t feel as if I wasted time on it, it’s mildly entertaining and I think anyone with a hint of curiosity would want to see it play out, if only once.


Rating 2/10

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2 thoughts on “Ouija Shark (2020)”

  1. Nothing worse than a low budget effort that doesn’t work because they are so full of themselves that they think they are funny and make us suffer for it!

    1. You summed it up perfectly. I get that it’s a sort of sub genre but I really don’t subscribe to it, it just feel half arsed 😦

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