Short Movie Roundup 18 October 2020

I‘ve got a terrible cold so this list is going to be really short.. sorry folks..


A small town is visited by Vampires on the night before Halloween, most of the families leave town for the one fateful night but a determined father is set on staying with his family, convinced that he has a perfect plan, coating his home with holy water, crosses and garlic he goes to be believing all will be safe throughout the night. until one little oversight leaves the family exposed.

Carl Dante likens his film to Salem’s Lot meets 30 Days of Night, and while there are some similarities it’s not half as violent (or at least most of its off screen) It’s an interesting vibe in this homemade horror, a limited budget but big ideas, personally I think it works, there are interesting shots and detailed camera work, an attractive soundtrack and those kids are just so adorable. Yes it has a few faults, only those common to having a limited budget but not from careless mistakes, as this seems well thought through just a tad laboured in its production, I know I couldn’t do any better! Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 18 October 2020