Short Movie Roundup 18 October 2020

I‘ve got a terrible cold so this list is going to be really short.. sorry folks..


A small town is visited by Vampires on the night before Halloween, most of the families leave town for the one fateful night but a determined father is set on staying with his family, convinced that he has a perfect plan, coating his home with holy water, crosses and garlic he goes to be believing all will be safe throughout the night. until one little oversight leaves the family exposed.

Carl Dante likens his film to Salem’s Lot meets 30 Days of Night, and while there are some similarities it’s not half as violent (or at least most of its off screen) It’s an interesting vibe in this homemade horror, a limited budget but big ideas, personally I think it works, there are interesting shots and detailed camera work, an attractive soundtrack and those kids are just so adorable. Yes it has a few faults, only those common to having a limited budget but not from careless mistakes, as this seems well thought through just a tad laboured in its production, I know I couldn’t do any better!

Hit and Run

This is a debut from Horrifically Amateur Productions (which I later learnt is the Moran Brothers, Matthew and Thomas) and is taglined as “another reason not to text and drive”

A man accidentally runs someone over on a dark road, on returning home he has the notion that he’s being stalked by … a creature.

There’s a lot to love about this short film, particularly it’s transformation scene and the offskew camera angles that add a bit of dynamism to an already chaotic situation and it has a cute twist at the end..

The Hidebehind – Alter

An injured hiker chances on a peculiar stranger in the forest, in Parker Finn’s creepy nature horror and is a prime example of when a film character can’t perceive an obvious danger!

But with some marvelous special effects this horror really comes to life and will make anyone fear what could be lurking behind any and every tree!!!


Constance Tsang’s story of a group of young hopeful professionals is quite daunting and a touch unbelievable? The hopefuls are at a remote location and have to engage on a hunt, a Vegan woman is pushed too far by a colleague when he suggests that she was merely hired due to her race and that she’s lasted longer in the company than he had expected..

Later that evening a meal is prepared in her honor…

Going from Vegan to Cannibalism as the film suggests is a OTT but I like the transformation and it leads to a series of interesting questions about this organization!

Angst Piss and Shit

A complicated and surreal love between two serial killers is played out in this experimental piece by Fredrik S. Hana. It sings a harmony between some of the older video nasties as this complex drama is played out in a Gonzo fashion, blended noise and electronic music accompanies a mix of colour and black and white art. Somewhere between the dire food, run down apartment and bags of blood and gore there’s a young couple with their beautiful lives ahead of them.. kinda? I love the psychedelic tune that accompanies the meal at the end.. who doesn’t like dinner and a show in a psychotronic fashion of course.


Unsolved The Bizarre Case of the Westfield Stalker – Reign Bot

I hadn’t heard of this story before so stumbling on this was a lot of fun, it’s a true story of a family who after buying a new home were scared out of moving in by a series of scary letters claiming that someone was watching their house. Reign Bot has offered a host of information for you to make up your mind if there was something sinister behind his or if it’s just an elaborate plot by the homeowners..

Slapped Ham

I’ve been following Slapped Ham for some time, the amount of videos they manage to find is unreal, but here are two newer releases from the channel that I’ve enjoyed lately!

Epic Scary Videos That Only The Brave Can Watch – Slapped Ham

Some of these movies look a little found time to make them more than found footage to me but I’m still freaked out by a couple of them.. which is the idea right.

The Best Scary Videos to Watch This Halloween – Slapped Ham

This giant collection of movies is bound to have one or two little frights to be honest I’m still working my way through them…

Stories From Our Disturbing World | Episode 5 – Reighbot

Back to Reignbot, as she’s updated her Disturbing world series, previously detailed in a previous post. There’s a piece on Random Nautica which is still making waves but Reign has followed the story and found the identity of the bodies found in “that suitcase” also there’s a really creepy story about the Blue Room Couple, where the landlord decided to take their eviction into his own hands and for some reason it involved a gun.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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