Short Movie Roundup 25 October 2020

The Day After Dark

Slightly lengthy short movie about a man who’s offered a particularly interesting eternal position after a strange business date night with a vamp!

An well crafted and professional looking short, although sometimes things are a little sign posted. It displays a lot of good stuff, camera work, effects, music choices, lighting and while some of the acting is a little ridgid everything else around it works so well, luckily it ends with open possibilities so there might be more to come from Damian Morter, and hopefully he’ll use the same strip club… oh la la

Beast Inside

Sorry folks this one is in German and there are no subs, however if you’re up for something slightly different it’s worth checking out Ferry Kaupisch’s short werewolf horror just purely for seeing rednecks speaking German and a wolfman who likes to keep up on tippy toes!

Mateo – ALTER

A very unusual zombie movie from Fernando Perezgil, it sees a zombie called Mateo as he travels around philosophising . We usually perceive zombies as mindless creatures but as this beast’s mind is still intact he has plenty of time to think.

Creepy Pasta Salad – Alter

Finally some animation, we know how much I love surreal animated movies, here’s one from Lauren Orme and Winding Snake Productions.

Sub titled as “A werewolf, a ghost and a witch prepare for the apocalypse. There’s a lot of charming qualities within this stylized cut out fashioned short, it lays within a cross between the Creature Comforts and Body Positive. The chat is very everyday and the crazy situations are truly comical, a ghost trying to find out if he has to pay a final bill as he might be dead but he’s not sure.

Meanwhile the world is coming to an end. A lonely metaller/witch is the only one aware and willing to warn people and an equally lonely hypochondriac realises why she grows hair so fast..

It’s a really sweet story of liberation and how each of us has to find our freedom.

A Night at Club Zenos – Dust

Arnold J. Chon’s short action horror comedy romp follows two friends in Prague, one is trying to reconnect with his ex, and the other is determined to get his besties mind off the girl and onto a club for some drinks, sadly the club is run by a group of aliens attempted to take over and an unlikely bond is struck to save humanity. It’s a northern stylised Men in Black with a laddish sense of humor, quite entertaining and full of fun.

Sleepwalker – CRYPT

Levi Hintermeister’s creepy short is heavy in the sound department, everything seems so amplified. Sometimes you might hear a creak at night but this is like a fucking train running through the hosue, but once the man who has just got into bed is roused but a strange noise, upon opening his bedroom door and finding himself in a forest, all the fun begins.

It’s really the stuff of nightmares from beginning to end, and what a nasty little creature the Sleepwalker is.. definitely like to see more of him. Don’t forget the crypt monster universe if all connected.


Deathmatch Wrestling Most Horrific Moments – Shrouded Hand

Shrouded Hand details some of the more disturbing matches of Wrestling Lore! With a mix of matches that go from the extreme of having dangerous animals involved such as crocs and piranha then there’s a slew of those painful matches which utilize razors, syringes and broken sharp things.

I have to say I’ve never really gotten into this style of wrestling before the most I’ve seen are those few moments from Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler but this puts all that to shame a million times over.. The Lightbulb match when the guys flesh and fat is hanging out of his arms is what made me cringe up a little.. maybe a lot *blurryhhg* well done Shroud!!

The Eerie Vanishing of the Flannan Isles Lighthouse Keepers – BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

I usually avoid BuzzFeed but this turned out to be a fairly comprehensive recount of the unsolved mystery that has sparked many poets, writers and directors as they mull over what could have happened to a trio of lighthouse keepers who simply vanished without a trace. If you’re new to this story it’s a good starting block, if you’re a seasoned unsolved mystery buff then at least there’s a touch of comedy with some stupendous Scottish accents…

My Friend Sent Me Some Funny Hacked Audio Files… – Natures Temper

This is a darkly atmospheric horror which uses sounds to really activate the imagination. It’s like an audio version of Slender Man!

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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