Short Movie Roundup 8 November 2020

Did anyone miss what I missed? Last week’s round up!!! Hey ho never mind I needed a break and it was well deserved!

Hallowe’en 2020 went ok, I managed to do all 13 reviews however I did miss a few lists and other bits but no biggy I’m sure with Covid and the US Elections everyone had their own horrors to worry about.

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Remember kids, everyday is Hallowe’en only 357 Days to go!

The Lost Broadcast – A Doctor Gallow Halloween Special

The Doctor treated us to something rather special on the run up to Hallowe’en this year, and the least we can do to thank him is give him a thumbs up and maybe subscribe for more hey.. c’mon don’t be a loser forever.

This darling special gives a few shout outs to some key figures in the horror community including me.. even though I’m the embodiment of the possum lives out back of said community, check out the video if you can spot where I come in..

So what’s the delight about, well it’s a missing broadcast from a Manchester radio station on Halloween night in 2001. Follow and listen for clues to what might be happening on the night when the veil is thin.. if you’re a fan of Ghostwatch then this will be right up your street.


Short Australian Slasher styled short movie, a brother and sisters break down in the outback on their way to visit their parents, noticing a house in the distance they wander over, the sister goes inside to use the facilities while her brother takes in the ambience and finds a woman tied up and battered.. can they pair up and escape danger in this frightful Duckpond Productions Movie?

There’s a lot to like, it’s short and simple but very effective, a lot of the horror/effects are left to the imagination and are off screen however you have enough to make it very clear what’s going on in the movie. It feels like Texas (Chainsaw). At first I was a little disappointed in all of the classic mistakes that were made, who lets their sister walk into a strangers home in the middle of no where but.. sometimes these things have to happen to progess a movie.

Landon Dies – Crypt TV Monster Universe

Landon is the key to everything in this horror adventure, fully created by… Landon Stahmer, who plays himself in the movie.. Landon starts his day with a bounce in his step, but as the music changes, so does Landon’s luck.

It seems Landon has a “entity” a giant sack cloth robed thing which stalks him in his house, creeping up behind him and killing him in different ‘orrible ways’ again and again and again.. But slowly Landon catches up with the audience’s view of the world around him and starts to tip the scales but can he ever escape?

It’s a delight to watch, well it’s delightful how much it creeped me out each time Landon woke up and attempted to get through his morning ritual, getting slaughtered time and time again, I literally felt my heart rate raise a few times.

Landon Stahmer has created one of the most effective monsters of the Crypt series yet, I’m still working out how this links in but it’s like the Jontur from The Ritual but wrapped up like a monk and with a more sadistic nature about how is despatches poor Landon. Once you get to the end and see the “even” bigger picture you’ll find a new level of despair which really did it for me.. this is in the top 10 short films of the year..

Alone Time

Rod Blackhurst’s evocative mini drama has a lot of energy. A young woman is struggling with ehr 9-5, as we follow her commute to and from work, with mysterious people seemingly stalking her, but after a run of dismal nights and bad luck she takes time out for a break in the wilderness but things don’t go as planned.

Blackhurst is very adept with how to tell a story, when to lengthen and shorten a shot and how to focus his audience in a direction to the point where he can manhandle their perspective, and this is the key to his dramatic ending.

The Necklace

This is from a new channel (for me) Called Social House Films, which promises new horror short films every month. I hope this message is still up to date, so far it looks promising and they have made a well.. Tasty!

I stumbled on this gem from Aaron Fradkin. It has a lot of interesting shots either peeking out from the hiding place of a supposed creature or beautifully framed landscapes or interesting views through doorways or using reflections. But after a lone dog walker finds a gorgeous necklace in the woods things go a little sour for her later on when she tries on the necklace.

Homage is paid to some of the 80s/90s directors with a heavy synth soundtrack, practical effects and that looming psycho of a monster. Very creepy stuff, I really enjoyed it and for the most part it’s silent.

Number of the Beast

I have to say this is a good effort! An indie movie made by some young people including director Nicholas Cole, it’s obviously been an involved project made with a lot of heart and there’s a great example array of camera techniques that highlight the scars within this Ouija based horror. After a get together a group of friends pull out a Oujia board and ask if Satan is with them, the lights go out and one of the group suddenly turns into a psycho..

There aren’t many surprises in terms of narrative but it’s a main surprise is what it achieves with a limited budget and such a young team. Well worth a gander if the indie scene is your thing and if you like such classics as Ninjas Vs Zombies.


Escape your life – Creepypasta Junior

This really stood out from all the other Creepy Pastas I listened to this week as the monster reminded me of something I’ve seen in horror. let me explain.

A couple are struggling with the hustle and bustle of their busy lives (heard this one before) and escape to a remote cabin in the woods, one night they hear a knocking on the windows but ignore it, the next night something breaks in, but this bear like creature which talks to them, is incredibly creepy and reminds me of the talking rotting bear in Annihilation. The idea of talking animals is pretty creepy unless you’re 5 and it’s a cute cuddly animal.. this is far from cute or cuddly and really freaked me out.. well done, creepy pasta done right.

Complex – Natures Temper

This got under my skin. I love tennant/high rise horrors, and this sums up some of the scariest moments. For me it felt a little bit like Rigor Mortis blended with Silent Hill. It follows the story of tenants who find themselves trapped in their building with a strange darkness outside, struggling to traverse the hallways which are filled with dark mutated monsters, they attempt to reason with the creepy old man who appears to be behind it, while striving to find cool moments to make bold escape missions. Very tense story writing and expertly re created by Scott. Please see the video for writer credits.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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