Short Movie Roundup 15 November 2020


Nothing but back pain today so I’m keeping it short.. sorry lovelies.

I Only Kill the Pretty Ones

There are tons of overtones and homages to late night drive in TV and Grindhouse here in Dave K’s black and white mini masterpiece. a heavy synth retro stylized soundtrack, sly angles follow the night where Tallulah T. Tushingham, a popular film critic wants to jack in her job after being forced to to watch the same dismal horror tropes in every movie (I see so much of myself in her) but her agent asks her to watch just one more…

The movies she’s watching are cleverly done mini horrors each made by different peeps, but they share a nasty plaster feel which is epic, I love the leading lady who plays a scathing critique, akin to the wonderful art critic that Christopher Lee played in Dr Terror’s House of Horrors, only she doesn’t have as much time to regret her words as he did!

Clever little horror film all filmed on a Samsung but with tons of imagination and sly talent, I am indeed inspired and with the prompt at the end I guess I will try and make my own, and you should too. Continue reading Short Movie Roundup 15 November 2020