Short Movie Roundup 15 November 2020


Nothing but back pain today so I’m keeping it short.. sorry lovelies.

I Only Kill the Pretty Ones

There are tons of overtones and homages to late night drive in TV and Grindhouse here in Dave K’s black and white mini masterpiece. a heavy synth retro stylized soundtrack, sly angles follow the night where Tallulah T. Tushingham, a popular film critic wants to jack in her job after being forced to to watch the same dismal horror tropes in every movie (I see so much of myself in her) but her agent asks her to watch just one more…

The movies she’s watching are cleverly done mini horrors each made by different peeps, but they share a nasty plaster feel which is epic, I love the leading lady who plays a scathing critique, akin to the wonderful art critic that Christopher Lee played in Dr Terror’s House of Horrors, only she doesn’t have as much time to regret her words as he did!

Clever little horror film all filmed on a Samsung but with tons of imagination and sly talent, I am indeed inspired and with the prompt at the end I guess I will try and make my own, and you should too.


A nudge to those “what could go wrong next” horrors such as final destination in Aaron Fradkin’s mini horror as a man is prepping dinner there seems to be a hundred dangers all around him and the audience is left wondering what’s gonna get him!! it’s a fun horror that keeps you on edge guessing what’s coming next.

A very well acted and superbly filmed short with lots of experimental angles and a wonderful chilling overtone and a true waht the fucking ending. Confused? Well it comes with a great making of here


Adam Ciolfi’s stop motion black and white horror is the kind of film I’ve been missing for some time, after all we know how much I gush for the claymation.

So a man is gunned down in an alleyway but he doesn’t die, instead, while part of his memory is erased he goes after the men who tried to kill him, one by one he hunts them down, gaining a piece of a dark puzzle as he dispatches each nasty character.

A sort of dark punk noir thriller with lots of off key tones and a delightful set of characters who all fail at their death match. I love the crashing thrash/industrial feel to the film and soundtrack, matching the look and sound of a movie is key to getting the atmosphere right and it’s fairly unusual trend to work the monochrome so well is a pleasant game changer to an already pretty epic late night 90’s MTV-esque short.


A doctor struggling with the grief of losing a patient to to suicide attempts to help another man who is obsessed with monochromatic drawings of his studio, afraid of colour she attempts to force him to draw in colour but it only seems to bring about more death.. Can colour cause death?

I guess it depends on how it’s applied?

A really powerful thriller with a perfect soundtrack from Keith Adams, who’s short movie really opens up the possibilities of possessed art and the mind of a madman who can create with his charcoal and a touch of blood red. crazy layers of imagery drip from the screen as the past and present meld together, really clever stuff.

Skinwalkers – Dr Gallow

The Doctor has taken some time out of his schedule to educate us about Skinwalkers, pay attention and don’t watch the end, it’s more fun that way ha ha .. Thank you Doc!

As he mentions it’s not a subject that a lot of information is known about to “outsiders” and to be honest the juicy info is sacred to the people involved and there are some great interviews that have been done, I believe Ecto radio did one when they were active a few years back, but this.. this is as good as it gets so thank you again doctor.

If you’re armed and at the glenmont metro, please shoot me – Dark Somnium

Science trials gone wrong in this clever little creepypasta which would make an amazing little horror film. A man is subject to an experimental drug trial which makes everything slow down around him, in one trial someone drops some change and he has some canny x-man ability to run around the coins counting how much is there before it hits the floor.. everything is going well but he’s getting bored, waiting for the lift feels like hours and the journey to ground floor like months, all he has to do is get home and sleep it off, but he can’t so he decides to make a short trip but what if something was to happen and he he was hurt, imagine breaking an arm in slo mo.. imagine the horrors a trip the subway might induce?

I really loved the presentation and the build up of terror that everyday life might have if one was simply to live that one moment for such a long time.

I think my grandfather might be a serial killer – Lighthouse Horror

This is a 3+ hour epic of a young man who connects with his grandfather after the shocking death of his parents. After their funeral the two bond but the young man notices a few strange things about his gramps and as the title suggests he suspects him of being a serial killer. But there’s a key to the grandfather’s pastime that might involve monster hunting more than people slaying.

A well cultivated story which I hope leads onto more wonderful tales as this ingenious mythos opens up to a rich story and system of other worldly beings.

What ever happened to Rob Gavagan

I remember checking out a few of Rob’s Videos back in the day, but after the whole jumping into the drama thing and changing his name from Dyke to Gavagan I started to lose track until I was alerted to some questionable tweets relating to anti anti facisism and BLM, but it was all negative so I promptly forgot about him again. Turns out he’s been uber busy asking for donations?!? Oh well we still have the good old days.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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