Short Movie Roundup 29 November 2020

Boris in the Forest – Alter

Robert Hackett’s mini mystery film is really charming, starring Mac MacDonald as an American tourist on the trail of Boris Karloff’s birth place, now a prestigious Kebab Shop he manages to get into the apartment above and discovers something rather unsettling.

A playful movie with lots of black humor and character, not exactly frightening but a series of playful puns and I think a nod to all those hardore fanatics out there. Did anyone think that the final scene was like the Dr Satan scene in House of 1000 Corpses?

The Girl in the Woods

I haven’t seen many female directors on the popular horror channels for some time so it was great to find this chilling horror from Laura Kulik. It’s merit is with the frantic horror is conjurs as a woman faces her worst fear after a crash in the woods at night.

What follows is one of those horror tropes that doesn’t gel with me, without giving too much away it involves time and doppelgangers but it has a slight air of Lake Mungo about it which is something darkly beautiful to behold. It’s solid on all fronts though.


A bit of a comedy horror with little surprises but a fun atmosphere. Sort of the Girswalds family Texas Chainsaw Massacre. from Brittany Snyman. It’s well made but not really horror, it just plays with horror themes.

Make me a sandwich

I have been asked several times to review this short, and I’m finally here and I was so excited for it, and it really delivered. A grouchy old man who’s a cross between Lois Griffin’s father and that birthday cake loving dad in Creepshow, sits in his chair demanding a sandwich, his obedient wife drops everything to constantly make the man a sandwich but she starts to crack and serves him some less than savory items.

As the plot unwinds and the characters change, it seems director Denman Hatch really enjoys taking hold of his audience’s perception and twisting it around for his enjoyment.

Five Minute Dating

A comedy thriller from Deformed Lunchbox, set around a speed dating night All is going well until a man turns up with a deformed face. Being very conscious of his appearance the mild mannered man skirts around the awkward dating crowd until he meets a lovely lady who has a similar facial deformity, but is it love at first sight or is there something more sinister at play here.. after all this sounds like a romance, not a horror.

I love the social commentary enthused in this crippling funny short movie with a wonderful twisted ending, it’s well worth the few minutes. I really like the main character, it’s not only his face which is out of place, his dapper outfit and pocket watch set him in a different walk of life, but it’s how the manipulation of the audience’s perception of the characters is toyed with which makes the film so very special.

The Tall Man

Social House Films are a team I’ve only recently discovered, I reviewed their film Diet a couple of weeks ago and with it’s “Making of” I really like what they achieve in their movies, anyone who is willing to behind the scenes with their videos and share a bit for their audience and other budding filmmakers is a king among princes for sure. This movie plays with ideas of childhood monsters, slender men and a very good reason to just get out of your apartment.

Aaron Fradkin, finds another way to torture Victoria Fratz, after she finds a strange poem on the wall in her wardrobe, this son of Babadook and Slender Man has a wicked sense of humor and is a creepy maddafaker. I really like the approach to horror, there’s a series of off timed jump scares and a building tension through acting and music , all very wisely applied.

The Housewife

Chloe Carroll paints a really impressive happy family in her fearful short movie. A doting mother prepares a lovely meal for her family when her daughter finds a box, giving it to her mother an evil spirit is unleashed.

It’s one of those stories which is perfect for the short movie scene, any longer and it would be in deep water and in danger of not being taken seriously. But it’s a perfect short with a satirical dark sense of humor behind it.

Apt 17

Something about this movie really reminds me of the scene in Brooklyn’s Finest when Richard Gere rescues the prossies from the Pimps apartment and finally does something brave after all his years as a shitty cop, but this film, despite being cringey, in the sense of screaming at the screen telling the lead not to be so silly.

But it has this tense feeling about it from beginning to end as Diego Vicentini cleverly pulls a Jordan Peele and has his story revolve around a young black man trying to do the right thing and facing a brick wall when it comes to doing so.

Finding himself locked out of his apartment, a man notices his neighbour being really rough and oddly cold to his gf, worried about the girls safety he attempts to be a good citizen but is getting nowhere, and at this time he had to so something wrong to make the situation right, but is it all in his head?

It’s a dark story that is smartly made and I believe Vicentini will go far.

Not Alone In Here – David Sandberg

I’d just like to add that before watching this I knew this was going to freak me out as everything David does has a profound effect on my sleep and electricity bill.

A woman is sure that she locked her door and then finds it wide open. Feeling that someone is in her home she attempts to dig up some bravery to investigate.

Using his long suffering life partner Lotta as the lead in another horror is great, kinda feels like returning home to find good friends, but I do feel for her, getting slaughtered time and time again, but it’s slightly different as she narrates the story and the addition of a voice over really works. He uses an active camera that hovers over his characters swinging rooms in and out of view, but it’s always something just off screen that will get you in his film, watch with caution.


Ginny Greenteeth – Shrouded Hand

Shrouded hand takes time out to tell us about the connection between Ginny Greenteeth and a host of other women in need of a dental check up who lurk in waters all over the world.. very informative and well made piece. It does make me wonder why and where this mythology comes from??

Don’t Go To Chehaw Zoo’s Gator Feeding

– Mr Creepy Pasta

Anyone who’s obsessed with crocs and is desperate to get in on the feeding probably needs to have a welfare check but this Pasta

I’m afraid to go Swimming Again

– Mr Creepy Pasta

A dark tale that will make you fear the waters again.. if you weren’t already scared out of them by Jaws lol.

The Lost Girls of Panama – Bedtime Stories

Going back in time to some of the golden oldies Bedtime Stories as this is one of those mysterious stories that has always intrigued me. This powerful retelling comes with personal theories and some updates that I was unaware of, what do you think happened?

The Case of Samira Frasch – That Chapter

I do keep up to date with That Chapter as Mikes approach to story telling is quite like mine, a bit here and there but it all comes together in the end, but tihs dark case is one that always stands out to me.. just what the fuck!?

The Bizarre Case of Stephen McDaniel – JCS

Definitely one of my favourite cases to watch develop live on TV this is something I like to return to as you can literally see the moment when Stephen realised he fucked up. Wonderful in depth review of the interrogation of McDaniel and how his stoic zombified actions actually scared the police officers is something you don’t often see.. damn he’s a scary mofo.

Reading a bedtime story to a game, Final Fantasy VII (PS1) (Rebecca – Part 2)

I have missed a ton of updates from FilmCow and I have to admit this beautiful reading to FFVII in it’s tiny little bed and photo of Princess Diana etc etc is exactly what I need.. I’m so jealous that Jason Steele doesn’t read my bedtime stories 😦

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.


To view my list of favourite short movies check out this link and to view the archive of all short movie roundups check the link here.


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