The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm (2011)

Director: Dan T. Hall
Starring: Tracy Bacon, Myrna Cooke, Alex Hall .USA. 1h 7m

It wasn’t really clear if this was a documentary or some kind of found footage mash up of footage melded together like a music video detailing a surreal investigation into the home of a serial killer.
The director Dan T Hall has a range of spooky titles under his belt including Ghost stories, faces of Darkness, Ghost Stories: Unmasking the dead. But this, for me, really tipped the scale into absurdity. There’s no real clear direction into what’s trying to be achieved, no real detail of Herb and his antics, and flicking between women clapping their hands in the woods to imaginary tracing the steps of a killer every 40 seconds just doesn’t work for me.

The team of investigators including a demonologist (like wtf is he doing here?) embark on Fox Hollow Farm in order to connect with the victims and entities on the property after a series of horrific murders but their investigations just seem so very silly.

Within the night vision clips of people asking, `are “you” are there, the 101 of things you shouldn’t do when speaking with spirits, you are so unspecific anything can answer yes from the void! They don’t seem to do much other than scare themselves in the dark, and there’s not even a coherent piece dealing who Herb was and what he did, so I assume this is only for those who are already schooled in history. If you need to do some research there are some dated but really informative docs on YouTube.

I didn’t think that Gacy House (2011) was all that good but after seeing this, I can say that someone else really fucked up a serial killers home investigation more and this one was for real! It honestly just felt like the movie got away from it’s director.


Rating: 2/10

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