Short Movie Roundup 13 December 2020

Bloodletting – Alter

I don’t usually add trigger warnings but this film does deal with ideas surrounding miscarriages. A woman, learning to deal with loss, finds her life a recurring cycle of pain and blood as she struggles to blend in with her support and help group.

There’s a somber overtone of Katia Mancuso’s film, littered with hurt and grief. maybe not a horror per say unless you’ve been in a similar situation but definitely a difficult watch to see someone struggle so much and with no way to help other than through care and time.

The Stomach

Really attracted to the mood of this film and it breathes life into the phrase Supernatural Noir! Oh it gives me those good chills. A medium dedicates his entire body to his work, in his first encounter he wears the shoes of a dead man and the dead rise up in his stomach like a giant cyst and talk through his esophagus. This isn’t a life worth living and the medium soon tires to escape his torture.

There’s something very carnal about having this man use his body like a fucking human telephone, belly extended and piece of drain pipe stuffed into his throat to people can talk in and out of him, does anyone remember that episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog with the gypsy?

The movie is as gripping as any top London gangster film but with the added bonus of the exorcist. The cool tonal palette add to the coldness of the cruelty of the movie that turns from noir to full on Cronenberg body horror, maybe the new flesh has arrived with Ben Steiner’s future projects.

Wiki Page –

Interview with Ben –

The Grey Matter – Alter

I wasn’t expecting this to be so funny, but a movie made about a man whose head is smashed open with his brain exposed is either going to be off key black comedy or just terrifying.. or both?

So this office worker aka Office Stiff wakes up in an alleyway with his head smashed open, brains hanging out. He’s not well, there’s a bug in his head talking at him and he doesn’t seem to bleed much when cut, but luckily to brighten the mood as he attempts to court the new girl, Peter McCoubrey & Luke McCoubrey add in a ton of comedy, a talking maggot called Brain (brain!) and every brain pun imaginable.

As the movie turns from comedy horror into zombie comedy horror it finished in an unexpectable way.


Argentina horror from Andrés Borghi, a man exploring a new relationship on facebook, unfriend his ex but then something strange starts to happen to the site and his PC. There’s a strong deja vu feeling with other social media horrors like Unfriended. However the Argentines have a new different way of frightening their audience especially with some of the bigger named films out there like Terrified.

prepare to delete your FB account..

Cross roads

All black drama of a mother feeling like she’s losing her daughter to a life of vice. It’s a dark side that a lot of parents have to face while their children age and are looking to find their feet but some go all out and shred off the rails while others mature like normal human beings.. well made short, with good convincing acting to give us all something to think about.

Alien Ore

This short is from the Alien Anthology site, something I feel I should have been aware of a long time ago 😦 it seems to have mini series and indie movies all set up around the Alien universe, some are more impressive that the bigger budget sci fi movies. This gem from the Spear Sisters is based around Aliens and the miner colony on LV 426 when they encounter more than they bargained for when tunnelling too deep.

Here there be monsters

Josh Zaini takes us into a world of bullying and fear driving a young girl to endure a night that a lot of us couldn’t imagine surviving. After incessant bullying, a young school girl falls asleep on the school bus, later that night she finds herself trapped on the bus in a storage yard with a really big monstrous MinotaurEsque beast lurking in the yard.

As all monsters from the Alter Monsterverse have something in common I do wonder if this has anything to do with Camp Monster?

The young actress is outstanding, she emits so much emotion in a film with virtually no dialogue. There is only so far a person can be pushed, and I wonder if this monster is a metaphor for the darkness a person encounters when they are constantly pushed too far, her clap back is brilliant..

A trilogy of movies about the Canadian artist who has a unique cult status to scare his audience with utterly creepy creatures, don’t forget artists need to eat so check out his work and pick up a print but will you date to hang it?

Top 5 scary Trevor Henderson Creatures

I’ve only really caught stills of his creations over the years but there are some sophisticated videos around.. or so I’m told. For me the Cartoon Cat is a cut above the rest mentioned in this collection. Looking like a bad guy from Cuphead, it has many scary abilities and I feel the SCP team might need to come and collect him.

Top 5 Trevor Henderson Creature pt 2

The Garbage is the hero here! I wouldn’t want to run into him while putting my trash out but alas I like to think there’s more going for garbage than Oscar from the Muppet show..

Top 5 Trevor Henderson Creature Pt 3

I do like the idea of the Watchtower.. this is something which could be formed into an interesting movie.. if placed in careful hands!! Maybe David Bruckner?

Trailers PU

It’s been a while but I’m catching up to SKunk Ape’s videos, you can check out the twitter feed here,

Last Train Car on the Left

Skunkape has done two of my all time favourite movies, Night Train Murders, which is a masterpiece!! Check out all the funny moments, yeah there are some, kinda.. a stretch of the imagination for some I’m sure. Just keep reminding yourself it’s only a train ride. My review is here.


Alien 2 : The Big Contamination Trailer

More golden oldies have been tampered with by Skunk Apes careful fingers, including the Italian takeover of the Alien franchise with their vision of Alien 2! Tons to laugh about with this crazy trailer exploring the gory moments of an alien invasion that mostly takes place in a bowling alley.. My review here.


Love getting grossed out check out Radio TTS this is the weeks favourite

Doctors Share Their Worst Experiences – AskReddit

There are a couple of really stomach churning stories that conjure up vivid images and smells.. Excuse me while I sit down for a moment.

The Neighbour – Dr Gallow

Ever had a noisy neighbour? Ever had a neighbour whose face you wanted to shake? Well it sounds like this adorable young lady has one of those neighbours who keeps her up all night with his noise but when you discover what happened to him the hairs will rise up on the back of your neck.. enjoy.

Hopefully you enjoyed this week’s list, if there are any short movies that you can recommend please let me know.

You can find a list of all my Short Movie Roundup’s here.


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