Short Movie Roundup 27 December 2020

We made it to the end of 2020, well nearly, I still have a few bingo slots open Doomsday Androids from the future and Dream Demons, did anyone have Storm Bella on theirs?

So this is going to be the last round up but I will be posting my top films of 2020 shortly.

I was contacted back in August and asked to check out some short movies, , sadly this was a time when I couldn’t dedicate much time to the shorts and took breaks due to all the crazy covid hours I was working. Either way, two of the peeps were quite rude and never gave me much more than a copy and paste set of directions, two others were a bit more human. Sadly one of the shorts isn’t visible online so I couldn’t really review it and share it with all of you. luckily they understood this and we wished each other the best, but the cream of the crop chased me up a couple of weeks ago and I do apologise, that it’s taken me so long but I’ve found a gap in services and it’s my pleasure to squeeze YourHorrorShow ( into my 2020 findings of the year.

Welcome to the Horror Show Teaser

Well we all know how much I love men in masks!! Instant Fan Girl moment *faints* I love the set up, it looks like a Robert Kurtzman, a touch of Tales from the Crypt with some Sideshow mystery, and he built this for us *faints again*

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